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Baby dropped?

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I am not due until around the 20th, but I swear, he feels like he's constantly on my bladder and I've been having some cramping in my thighs and buttocks. How do you know when the baby 'drops'?
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I never felt that "baby dropped" sensation with any of mine, but starting around 32 my first and this one were pretty firmly placed, head down, in my pelvis. My second didn't get himself head down until about 36 weeks.
I am due July 12, and my midwife today told me that the baby's head was pretty far down. Much more so than at our appt. just last week.

This kid has been on my bladder for the past 3 or 4 months though, so that is certainly nothing new for me!
This is my 3rd and I've never had any of mine "drop" until labor/delivery. The girls were always so high and I had terrible heartburn. With this one I feel a lot of pressure around my bladder and some pains near my cervix. I haven't had heartburn in the last 3 days so maybe that means something. As of my appt last Thursday he was still pretty high.
I think that the baby dropped over the weekend. My profile looks different. I used to look like I had a watermelon shoved under my skin, but now the watermelon is flat on the top. My back hurts differently too, I think it is because my tummy sticks out further and down lower now. Maybe it means the baby is on his way to meet me!
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I think the baby dropped over the weekend, too. Suddenly I feel like I have more weight down between my legs and backaches have started in force. Not to mention getting out of bed or rolling over requires more effort than ever. DH swears I look like she's dropped but I'm not sure he doesn't just think that's what I want to hear.
I think I heard somewhere second and subsequent babies don't usually drop until closer to delivery {I know, don't believe everything you read, LOL} so I'm hopeful Mamajaza's July 2nd prediction holds true.
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After the baby drops did anyone notice more swelling in the feet and ankles? Last night I totally freaked out when I noticed that I could not see my ankles. That was a first for me.
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Not here. My swelling has been fairly consistent for the past month. I'm looking forward to having ankles again...
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Well, MW confirmed today by measurement that baby is waaay down there! I am 37 weeks and I measured 34. And she felt him and thinks he may be bigger than DD was at birth (she was 7lb14oz). So with that in mind, I wouldn't be measuring small all of a sudden. And people keep stopping me to inform me that I am having a boy. I guess there's some old wives tale about boys ridin' low...

And you guys really helped me by mentioning the heartburn! I hadn't even noticed, but it has completely disappeared. With DD it didn't disappear until she was delivered. So weird!
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