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Baby dropping?

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Ok, I havent been around much and havent even gotten on the weekly thread this week yet but I have some questions and hope you guys can help me out.

First, let me start by saying that in my first pregnancy the baby never dropped until about 30 min. before I pushed him out. He just hung out up by my lungs and made it impossible for me to breathe.

But because of that I didnt have any pubic bone or sciatic pain, no pressure down below. Bascially other than the breathing I felt great.

This time I have felt like the baby was very low from the begining. I have had horrible pubic bone pain (apparently a seperated pubic bone) and some sciatic pain. But now the pressure is unreal.

I look all bruised down there - and have these huge veins popping out looking ready to burst. Over the weekend I was kept having the worst sharp pains on my cervix whenever she would move. Like she is RIGHT on my cervix and hitting it. Along w/ the burning (feels like muscle being ripped from bone) pubic pain that radiated down to my inner thighs.

I dont think I am having contractions - a bit crampy but no tightening of my belly and just doesnt feel like contractions.

So my question is - how early do babies drop? Could she have dropped at 8 week before due date and really be applying all that pressure to my cervix?

My friend at work said it looked like she dropped because my belly seems lower - which it does to me too. I just dont know.

Any thoughts?
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I have no wisdom except what I've read. I'd always heard that babies tended to drop earlier for first time moms (although I don't know how early), and often for 2nd+ time moms, they wouldn't drop until the very end.

Not very helpful, eh, since your experience has been the exact opposite!

But I'm also really curious to know when they drop (for first time and other times), because I want to start working on getting her moved out of posterior before that time comes. Looking forward to the responses ...

Sorry you're having so much pain ...

EDD 7/29/05
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Morgan - most 2nd babies don't drop until right before delivery. However, she may have turned or gotten into a good head down position which would put more pressure on the cervix, make you look like she dropped, and also increase the pubic bone pain you are feeling. Sorry you are so absolutely miserable. Perhaps lying down on your side would help relieve some of the pressure? or a soak in a swimming pool or bathtub...
It sounds like you've got second pregnancy symptoms. I had no pelvic or sciatic pain with Logan and then I got pregnant with Adam. He never dropped until my water broke (1/2 hour before he was born) but I was in so much pain all through my 3rd trimester. Like a horse had kicked me. :-\

My m/w said it's because you have a seasoned body and it is preparing for the birth. Either sucks.
My wee one is way down there - the u/s tech couldn't even see most of it's head! Sometimes i bend over double in pain I feel as if the babe is just about to pop out at any moment - so know exactly what your going through.
Hugs to you.
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