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baby eating mushrooms?

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My husband is making Portobello mushrooms for himself (I don't eat mushrooms-- YUCK) and he wants to give my 9 mo some. Is there any reason not to let a baby eat mushrooms, other than choking concerns? She can chew soft veggies, and I don't think she'll have trouble with mushrooms, but it just seems like a weird thing to feed a baby, and I wondered if there were any allergy, etc. concerns with mushrooms like with peanuts and honey. Anyone know? Anyone tried it?
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I don't know of any problems and I have given small amounts to my dd (10 mos now).
My 9 month old DS has had mushrooms a few times with no problems.
I've never heard of any issues with mushrooms, but I will be keeping an eye on this thread just in case.
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Where's that popcorn eating lurker again?
Only if there is a family history of being allergic to mushrooms. My girls got peanut butter befor mushrooms because of this. LOL
No problems as long as they are cooked and in small enough pieces. Even those requirements are just for choking concerns-mushroom tend to be more rubbery and difficult to chew than other veggies, especially for little ones without molars. I checked into this because I was in the exact same situation-dh loves mushrooms and wanted to feed them to ds(who also likes them now) but I had no clue iof they were ok or not because they make me gag. Yuck yuck yuck.
huh. I don't think I've ever heard of someone being allergic to mushrooms... interesting.

We've offered bits of mushrooms to dd several times. She seems to like them okay and they're nice and soft.

good to hear. we and our extended family are all mushroom nuts. Of course, we're from the Mushroom Capital of the world. LOL

Check your pack of mushrooms. Is it from Kennett Square, Avondale, West Grove or what?!?!
Well, she ate them, and liked them, which astonished me because the only things she's been willing to eat lately are yogurt and O-shaped cereal. DP says she did gag on the first piece, but then I guess she figured it out and ate almost a whole slice.

I couldn't check the package, Past_VNE, DP had already thrown it out.
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