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baby food ideas

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: I have just started offering solids to my seven month old. She loves avacado, and I love feeding it to her. However I am finding it to be a very expensive baby food because it spoils so quickly. Avacado turns brown in both the refrigerator and freezer. I have heard that lemon juice will help prevent this browning, but babies aren't supposed to have citrus until they are over one year. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!
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I find that if you put the fresh advacado in a small air tight container in the fridge, it keeps for a few days without going too brown. Also, I do alloquot and freeze small portions of advacado and then microwave for about 30 sec and add it to other foods such as baby cereal or bananas. Don't offer the frozen advacado plain though, because it is too mushy once microwaved...but works fine in with other purees.
Thanks for your suggestions! I will give the freezing method a try.
I just bought an avocado last night for DD to try. I tried mashed banana with some breastmilk last week and she hated it. If I'm not giving her cereal and I freeze the leftover avocado, any ideas what else I can mix it with later?

I also bought one pathetic looking sweet potato (Our store had ONE-isn't that odd?) to try. I'm assuming I just bake it and mash it up. Am I right? This is my first adventure in homemade baby food....any ideas or suggestions would be great!
I just started to make baby food for my DS 6 months, I steam the stuff puree in blender, then put in icecube trays and freeze, once they are frozen I pop them all out and put in to containers. He hated bananas and avocadoes, but I made Carrots, peas, yams(or sweet potatoes), apples and pears. He likes like carrots, is okay with the yams, I think the texture of the peas bugged him, not giving the fruit yet, might try those today, but concerned he will like them more than the veggies, but no rush on his solids, if he don't want to eat them, he gets his big yummy boobie LOL.
the trick to keeping an avocado from spoiling is to save the pit. If you put the pit back with the avocado it doesn't turn brown and yucky. This works if you keep the avocado in its skin and take out a bit that you need- just put the pit back where it should be and put it in the fridge (I don't even cover mine all the time- but avocados don't last very long in my house either). It also works if you take the whole avocado and mash it up. Put the pit in the mashed up avocado you want to save and stick it in the refrigerator.
On the sweet potato, you can wrap it in saran wrap and put it in the microwave for 7-8 minutes. My grocery store sells them individually wrapped already in saran/plastic. I then scoop it out and blend it w/some breastmilk. It worked great. Also, all you homemade food making mamas, I bought these little ice cubed size individual containers at One Step Ahead for $5 a piece. They have lids and are portable. It's GREAT! you get 10 per order and I ordered 2. I like them so much, I may order a couple more! Check out the book 'Super Baby Food'. It's such a plethora of ideas and recipes and how-to's that I highly recommend it. It even has a recipe for your own cereal! Good luck!
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