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Baby girl is here! She's named! Post #15

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8lbs 3oz
21" long

Amazing home waterbirth!

Great labor... a few stalls, but still only 8 hours. Story to come soon!
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That's great news! it is so encouraging to hear about other people who are actually having their babies! It makes me feel like mine may come eventually!
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Aw so sweet! Congratulations!
I can't wait to hear more.
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I thought I told you to go to bed and get some sleep when I left.

I knew you would have to post something.
She is such a cutie! Congratulations mama!
Congratulations on your little girl... Enjoy your baby moon.
AWWWWWWW....How sweet! CONGRATS Momma! Enjoy that sweet babe!
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Enjoy your babymoon with your beautiful baby girl!
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Congratulations on your baby girl!!!!!
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We have named her Nova Marie
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Congrats on your baby girl! Nova, beautiful!!
Congratulations mama! Welcome little Nova!
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