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Baby growing out of side car...what to do now???

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why not try putting her IN your bed and co-sleeping?

this is how I have done it with both my children, and it has worked GREAT!

My ds has slept between me and the bedrail since birth. I have a safety 1st bedrail and it has worked very well for us. He is almost 4 months and still sleeps like this.
When my dd was a baby we did the same with her, then she started sleeping between dh and me when she was older and I felt comfortable that she could kick and pull our hair if we theoretically rolled over (has never happened but I guess we all have this concern)

I love co-sleeping. We originally bought a cosleeper but have never needed to use it.
we don't even own a crib, this sleeping arrangement is extremely easy and I love the cuddling too!
Is your sidecar a normal size crib? If he's outgrowing that, what about a twin bed pushed up against yours?

Well, I have thought alot about putting ds in bed with us but for some reason I'm just not wanting to go that route. Dh and I have really liked the co sleeper side car (arms reach). We have a very small bed room so I don't want another bed in there. I know it sounds vain but I'm not really willing to get rid of our dresser either. We have the mini cosleeper so I'd like to get the big one. I'm just not ready for him to sleep in his crib in the other room. I'm torn! The cosleeper is a good happy medium between a crib and having him in bed with us.

I guess i just answered my own question? Buy the bigger co-sleeper side car?
Use your crib as a sidecar instead of the cosleeper. There's a link in a previous thread--if it's still around, it was about the funniest use for your crib or something like that. That's what we did. You take one side off the crib, and then tie it to your bedframe. Make sure the mattresses are the same height, make sure there are no gaps, things like that. I'll have to see if I can find the link for you. It's been awesome for us. Saves you having to buy another cosleeper if you already have a crib waiting somewhere.

Here's the link:

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