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this is gunter's husband posting for her, as she is completely exhausted from being awake for days on end now.

@3:15 am sunday morning, our little babe was born, more beautiful than either of us had imagined. she started w/early labor around 5:30 am on saturday morning. during that time, a wonderful friend and neighbor, who also happens to be a massage therapist, came over and worked w/her through that portion of labor. by 12:00 pm that afternoon, the contractions had tapered off. our midwife suggested that it may have simply been the baby giving us a practice run.

as the day went on, there were contractions here and there, but by 7:30 or so in the evening on saturday, they had picked up and we were completely engaged in keeping track of the contraction duration and distance between them.

between 8:00 - 10:00 the contractions increased in intensity, but were still between 5/10 minutes apart. just after 10:00, things started to pick up, and she had bloody show. midwife arrived around 11:30 pm, and when the midwife finally did an internal check, she was 10 cm dilated, but the waters still hadn't broken. actually, the waters only broke moments before se delivered the baby, and the placenta delivered shortly after the baby. we have a lovely and happy picture of gunter smiling with 10 fingers signifying that she was fully dilated - how often do laboring mothers show their dilation stats with a smile? :) she was truly a champ!

gunter was amazing throughout all stages of labor, and i must say that her focus, determination and ferocity in this process is still causing my "dude-like" head to spin. :) no meds, no "hippie-pain-fixes" or anything else like that, just sheer will and love.

the little baby girl has near perfect skin and is a tiny litle sweetie, weighing in @ 5lbs and 19 inches long - she arrived 3-weeks earlier than what we had anticipated, so we were caught by surprise - so much so that we haven't even picked a name for her, since we had a "gut feeling" that it might be a boy.

all is well for mom and baby, and i'll stop blabbing now so she can give you all more details (w/more accuracy) when she's awake and alert.

-gunter's hub-e

p.s. i'm exhausted, forgive if this doesn't sound very coherent
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