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Most nights, when my 4 month old baby wakes I can just roll on my side get her latched and we both drift back to sleep.But probably 2-3 nights a week, she just won't settle back to sleep after nursing. She'll spend hours tossing a turning and whimpering till its a full cry. On such nights I'll get up, rock her, walk with her, then hold her till she's in "limp limb" sleep, thenI ease my way back into bed. I'll lay with her on my stomach for a while then try to ease her to my side, then withn minutes she's tossing and turning again, whimpering and crying,even though she's right next to me with my arms still around her,and we start the whole cycle again. I've thought some nights maybe she's just moving in her sleep and needs more space, so I've tried putting her in her sidecar crib, but she just wakes fuming mad. And she'll have no soothing from daddy.

Any thoughts on how to help her settle.. Could it be something I'm eating making her fussy(for example I ate very spicy Indian last night)

She also a rough time napping yesterday, could that be the cause her nightime sleeping issues?
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