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To give you another perspective, if your body is saying "hey you, don't get on h-k" that might be an intuition you should follow. My body always loved h-k when pregnant. Do you get the same feeling floating on your belly in the pool? Are there other forward leaning positions that do make you comfortable?

My first child was LOT and stayed there through the end of pregnancy and only did the quarter turn toward the end of dilation.

My second child was a wild squiggler and I never knew whether he would be LOA, ROA or just OA
up to 41+1 when we birthed. This was a dream labor -- short, easy, all daytime and a fantastic short 2nd stage with an 11 pounder. I just want to give a little buffer to the last post by Jen, who has stated what many midwives think about the tendencies and problems with babies being on the right. I think it's probably correct (but haven't looked at any research).

What needs to be said along with this, is that in an unhindered birth, the baby and mom do the dance without these formalities and structures of predicting doom unless XYZ formula is applied, that caregivers are often so fond of. Caregivers need structure to feel in control, and clients typically want to believe that the caregiver can exert control over the outcome, and that combination is one of the stones in the foundation for the hatred of nice vertex babies on the right.
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