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baby is upset when I blow my nose!

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Our ds got a cold this weekend, and now dh and I both have it. The first time I blew my nose with him in my arms, he started to cry--loud noise, I thought. Now he cries whenever I blow my nose, or even wipe it!

Did your dc ever do this?

Kind of funny, but I have to sneak around to blow my nose!
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joe used to cry hysterically when i would clip my toenails!!
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I was thinking of posting something similar... but it doesn't freak DD out (anymore). If she's standing at the coffee table, she plants both hands on it and looks at me with concern. If she's sitting, she'll lean forward and plant both hands on the floor.

It's cute, but you'd think she'd get used to it with the zillion times a day I blow my nose lately.
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I'm not allowed to laugh, cough, sneeze, or yawn while I nurse. I can stifle coughs and sneezes okay most of the time, but not yawning durring our 4:00 am nursing session is a bit hard.
This is so funny! this thread is one of the reasons why I LOVE these forums so much. Just last night, around midnight, I was up with DS and had to blow my nose (first cold of the season in our house). He had been quite happy, looking at the stars, but upon blowing my nose, he becamse hysterical. That relegated me to the couch for the night with my drippy nose!

Thanks for being out there and helping me know I'm not alone with these crazy idiosynchracies(sp?) of dear babe.

yeah, my 8 month old crys when I blow real noisily too. and then I laugh at him. the coffee grinder sets him of too if he's not far enough away
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Yep, I can't sneeze, cough, or blow my nose when I am feeding baby! He cries and gets scared. Poor guy.
I have found that, if I have to do it, it's not too bad if I work up to it - a few quiet coughs or blows before the real one. Not so startling that way. Not sure why yawning would be a problem unless you do it really loud
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