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Baby is very low - is it reason to be concerned?

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My friend is 7 months pregnant and she says that doctor told her the baby is very low and have her on bed rest. She has been on bed rest since Christmas actually - because she was having lots of contractions. She has to be lying down with her feet elevated
: and she says she has lots of ""bearing down" feelings. She feels the babys head really low. It's her first pregnancy so she deos not really know what's "normal" and what's not.

I keep telling her to drink lots of water and rest, but other than that I really don't think there is any danger for her baby to be born early. She is not openning, she is not having any serious contractions, they just keep freaking her out and on bed rest.

Any advice? Anything I can tell her to make her feel better? She lives in another country, so I can't see her, but we communicate every day.

Thank you!
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She isn't dilating or effacing? When you say no seriuous contractions, do you mean she was having less than 4/hour? Do you know if they saw funneling of her cervix on an ultrasound or had another reason to suspect preterm labor? A positive fetal fibronectin test? It does seem unusual that if none of the above are factors that they would keep her on bedrest. I would advise her that if she is not currently showing any more signs of PTL that she ask her doc about the bedrest and suggest to him/her that she try a lighter activity load than normal, and see how she does.
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