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Baby just reacted to something

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My 11mos old just broke out in bumps-- I thought they were tiny bug bites, maybe from an ant. I undressed him and watched as more bumps emerged where there is clearly no bug biting him. They were on his arms, fingers, cheeks, neck, chest...
Then I realized that at breakfast about 15 min earlier he had grabbed his big sisters smoothie cup and put his hands in it and got some in his mouth. That smoothie had strawberry and mango fruit, rice milk, whey protein, honey, and peanut butter. For about 30 min. bumps broke out and then turned red and puffy and then faded away. Now he is mostly clear of them. He is playing fine and breathing fine. But I guess I have to act as if this is a peanut allergy. Peanuts, mango, and honey are the foods in that drink he had never had until now.
I already placed a call to his doctor...just wondering if anybody else has had this happen with your child and what it turned out to be. Did your Dr. order more allergy tests cause I hope we don't have to but of course we'll do what we need to.
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Honey's not generally an allergen, and I don't think botulism manifests like that or that quickly so it's probably the mango or the peanuts.

Mango's related to poison ivy.

Just in case, hold off on cashews and pistachios (well, their butters) until you find out what's up.
I wouldn't rule out strawberries, either.. it's possible to have a reaction when no visible reaction occurred with earlier exposure, and I know several LOs with a strawberry allergy.
My ds2 gets rashy bumps when his skin touches eggs and milk but he can eat eggs just fine, isn't that weird? We don't do cows milk but nothing happens to him if he has it (ds1 can't do dairy so we are dairy free).

When he had pb at 2 1/2 for the first time he got bumps all over and severe eczema so we don't do pb either.

When he was a baby i put Burts Bees milk bath in his bath and in less than 2 min. he had welts all over and was having trouble breathing.

So what we do is just eliminate foods that are potential problems, sounds like you are doing the right thing!
I'm sorry that happened. My 2 yo dd has multiple and severe allergies. Honey, milk and peanuts are all on her "no no" list. She gets hives if they come into contact with her skin
and anaphylactic if she ingests them.

I'm going to go ahead and move this over to Allergies where this will get more traffic.
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Sounds like you had great presence of mind to observe exactly what was happening

That is very close to what happened to my niece at about a year old when she was exposed to peanuts for the first time (in her case, she wiped it on her cheeks, not in her mouth).

I just wanted to say though that if this was a first exposure, and it is peanuts, the next time you might be dealing with an anaphylactic reaction - again, that is what happened with my niece. She is now severely allergic to peanuts and carries an epi-pen.

So if you suspect it is the peanuts, you might want to follow up with an allergy test (specifically for peanuts), so that you are equipped for a more severe reaction if your baby is exposed to peanuts again.
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Mango is also related to cashew & pistachio.

My son reacts to cashew/mango. He hasn't had pistachio (for good reason).
Thanks for all the replies.

He is doing fine but had an upset tummy after the rash went away...and was just a bit fussy. Last night he slept fine and he seems fine today.
It was kind of scary for me...and still is since I don't know what foods are related to what. We have to be much more careful now and clean out the pantry and fridge of peanut products-- just in case that was what he reacted to.
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