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Baby miles is here!!!!!

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Just letting everyone know that we finally have the newest member of our family with us.

Miles Jamison was born on Friday morning at 8 am after 3 hours of hard labor (4 days of light) into papa's hands. My mom was there to watch dd for the birth, but they were outside so didn't get to see it.

He never did get into a good position so he was born with his head facing 8 o'clock instead of 6 and not at all flexed. So of course I tore open my old scar and I hav some skid marks, but other than that everything went beautifully. Dh was amazing and my mom was great to have there for dd.

I am much more exhausted this time around, but I think I lost a lot more blood. I have been in bed pretty much the whole time except to pee. Thank goodness for helpful family and friends. I am still too scared to go poop, though

I should probably just make myself, but geez, it is not going to be any fun.

Everyone is just shocked that we did it at home BY OURSELVES, but most people have been really great about it. I am just thrilled not to have to leave the house and not to have nurses waking me up at all hours of the day and night to "check on us"

Well, off to take another nap.
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Congratulations, Louise! I'm so happy for you!

Yeah, better to go poop than to hold it and have it get (TMI!!) hard and impacted. Lots of fiber and water to help the poo stay soft.
(Speaking from someone that had sutures in her rectum!!)

Yay! Yay! Please post pictures of your yummy boy when you can!
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I am so glad it went so well for you!

IME, Its best to poop ASAP, and eat only non-constipating foods too.
Ive been there.:LOL I ended up taking lots of fenugreek, yellowdock, and cayenne to get my system back on track pp.
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Woo Hoo!!!

And *I* have had the privilege of meeting Miles, and he sure is cute.

Congrats, Louise and family!

Oh, and that pooping thing...I remember that, too... it took me a few days, but I kept well-hydrated and well-veggied and think I started drinking coffee again
which helped.
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I didn't tear, and had two 'skin splits' (really superficial, kind of like rugburns) but I was also really afraid to have a BM! I did on the second day and my midwife said to support my perinium with a warm cloth. That helped, but it still hurt a little. By the third or fourth day it felt fine.
Much congratulations on the birth of your son!
And a great name too
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congratulations Mama!!!!
Hooray, you did it!!! Congradulations!!

You must be so proud!
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Thanks for sharing!!!!!

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Awww! Congrats to you and your family!!!

Can't help but feel a little jealous, and I still have three more months to go! :LOL
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YAY! Congrats!!!!
Miles sounds like one sweet baby!!!

Keep on resting in bed. It sounds like it's just what your body needs.

And... did you ever think you'd have so many people cheering you on to poop!?!?
I'll throw my cheer in there, too... You can do it!
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