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Same experience here. My son was *always* posterior throughout my entire pregnancy, only I didn't know that could be a bad thing. If I had known that by correct positioning and certain techniques I could help him turn prior to labor, I would have probably not needed a csection. I always felt his knees rolling across my stomach, never anything down low. They had a hard time getting his heartbeat at appts too because it was at my back.

This time, however, I began working to make sure my baby was anterior at about 20 weeks. I feel all of her movement on my right side (feet/knees) and down low in my cervix and bladder area (hands/head). Plus, I can always feel her bottom on the left side of my stomach and her hiccups there as well. She's always been LOA and I'm so happy!!

But I hear you on the pain
it can be really painful down there! Definitely a much different experience for me this time.
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