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Baby name help, please :)

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Hi All,

We are keeping our belly babies name a secret until he is born but I'm having a hard time picking a middle name!! I can't get advice because of the secret keeping so I was hoping y'all could help me out :) :) :)

Anyway, the first name will be Harvey after my grandfather (whom I miss and was my favorite guy EVER) but middle is totally not coming easy! It needs to be 2 syllables and go with his sister's names... Delilah Belle and Quinn Annaliese.

Here are a couple that I like...




Thank you in advance!!!
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I love the name Gavin! Nothing against any of the other names, Gavin is just my fave. All of them work really well though.
I like Greyson the best, although I like them all. I like that Greyson is in the same sort of old school name family as Harvey.
I like Gavin the best.
How about Dylan? That came to mind for me for some reason.
I really like Harvey Gavin!! That gets my vote.
I love the way Greyson sounds! That's my vote :)
I like Greyson too. How about Landon or Quentin? I found those on
I vote for Harvey Greyson :)
I like ******* or Greyson.
Greyson is my favorite one too!
Greyson! :)
My husband likes Landon but it makes me think of Michael Landon which is totally stupid LOL!!

I like Quentin but my daughter is Quinn and that's a little too close for my liking.

Keep the suggestions coming though!! I know I'm super annoying - I appreciate the help!!!
Seems like Greyson is in the lead :)

Any suggestions for other 2 syllable names? Really appreciate the help!!
Originally Posted by sassypamela View Post

My husband likes Landon but it makes me think of Michael Landon which is totally stupid LOL!!
His rugged good looks of yester-year didn't seal the deal?! Shocking! lol!

Hope you don't mind some more suggestions. It's fun finding the perfect name

Declan (also combo of your other kids names)
I like Greyson!
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