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Baby names - HELP!

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Ok, so we still have yet to pick a name....

Give me all your boys names - must go with the last name of Harris

Any ideas? We pretty much have nothing - maybe that's what he's waiting on??

I tend to like long name 3-4 syllabyls that you can shorten for a nice nickname. But at least something that can be shortened for a nickname no matter how long is good.

Tend to not like the standard male names or one that are high on the popularity lists.

Shoot me whatever you have or whatever you can think of. I'll try everyone out on Dh and myself to see if we can come up with something.
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I was going to suggest josiah, but then i saw your dd's name.

what about jerimiah, issiah, Rylan, Quinn, Finnigan?
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Finnigan! That was our "boys" name we loved!! Quinn too, although if you want it longer, Quinlan. For some reason I love Samuel, seems so classic and Sam is an adorable nickname.

I dig the Bible names too, Josiah, Isaiah, Elijah.

My number one Fav boy name is Matthias. I just LOVE that name!!!
I always adored Gideon, but we have a girl and DH vetoed it anyway. Could be shortened to 'gid' or 'deon'. I also like Solomon. Funny, I'm not religious at all, just like biblical names. Good Luck. If you find a name you like, but you're not sold on, I've seen some sites on the web that will give you "if you like the name 'x', you love these" suggestions.
yea, I feel like we've tried everything and just can't place a name to this boy...

I'll try those all out on Dh and see if he likes any
thanks keep then coming!
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btw, we didnt choose/agree on julians name until 2 days pp. AND it wasnt even in our top 10.
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We had such trouble naming DS#2! I totally understand. It was a lot easier for me once I gave up on trying to find the perfect, unique name. I focused on finding a name that "fit" with DS#1. I, too, wanted a name that lent itself to good nickname but had longer full name. Boys names are difficult! Some of the ones on our list that we didn't use, but that I like a lot:
Henry (Hank)

I had fun browsing baby name sites by country...Finnish and Icelandic names are particularly fun!

Good luck!
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I've always loved the name Sullivan.

Hope you come up with something soon! Boy names are so hard.
Ask these ladies:

post under the ADVICE forum.

they live and breathe names and you'll get tons of replies immediately. They hate trendy/popular so it will be a good fit for you.

Apollo...? Rene? Theodore? Louis?
wowzers beth - SWEET! I'm right now going through the posts on there and will post something if i can't find anything.

It's just crazy to me this is so hard for us...i'm half expecting and hoping to go into the ultrasound tomorrow and them go, uhm no, it's a girl! That sure would make life easier!
try meditating...keep perfectly still and silent and let the name come to you.
riley named herself through signs, so i do believe that our little ones try to tell us what they wanna be named.
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