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Baby naming: initals to avoid or laugh over

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Just thought this would be a fun thread.

Our youngest's initials are GWD, and I was tempted to make his middle name Orion simply for the initals GOD... (at school: okay, who put their name down as "God" on their artwork?)

My husband worked for Intel and someone thought he was being a smart-a$$ signing his QA reports AMD--his initals, but also the name of Intel's competitor.

Three of us are AD, as in the year of our lord?

I am worried because our next child's initials will be VD.

I figured VD's a pretty dated term especially for this next generation, but I should probably avoid STD and BFD.

I went to school with a girl named Amy, who's initals were also AMY.

I don't like my first two initals too much because if I write A.L. Lastname, it looks like "Al".

Also along those lines, I decided S.S. Lastname might be bad especially if a child were overweight--(SS indicating a large ship).

Aside from the very obvious, what would you find amusing, avoid, have heard of, etc....?
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If and when we have a boy, his initials will be JLA (well, actually JLAH, but JLA excluding his last name). DH finds this hilarious since he's a comic book fan and JLA apparently stands for Justice League of America.
I was thinking about my baby's initials LJM, but if you do the ever so popular J.Lo thing his name would be L.Mur. Elmer? Thats kind of cute.....especially if he ends up being a bald baby!
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Ok I do have to admit since my 4th I have started thinking about this
My 3rd child I did not think about it becasue it was important to us to honor a grandma who had recently passed away but when the 4th was coming I realized my 3rds initals were: SBS~ Since she is my biggest story teller I now think it is funny
My newest baby's will be SIS which I actully like~ MY DH thinks it is funny that when the kids call her sis they are also using her initals~
My maiden initals werer MLN~ Which always felt off to me since they were not alphabetized~

Fun thread~
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My Maiden Name initials werd DEB... My parents did it on purpose.

If our last name began with a D, dd's initials would have been QED. (The abbreviation for the Latin phrase "quod erat demonstrandum" -- "that which was to be demonstrated.")

My mother's maiden initials were CAR, but were nearly BAR. It's a good thing they weren't, because when she married my father they would have become BARF.

Our friends deliberately created their son's name to spell out ETCH for initials -- his dad's an artist.
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i'm not pregnant anymore, but initials were really taken into consideration lol. Our last name starts with a 'd' and these are the initials we stayed away from


we ended up getting a
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We don't have a girls first name picked out, but the middle & last initials are LL and we are toying around with some first names that start with L also. I don't know if I can have a baby with the initals LLL. I mean I'm very involved with La Leche League, but naming my baby after it...probably not.
Our last name starts with G, we seriously are trying to avoid any initals that spell out things. So we basically are trying to avoid a middle name that starts with a vowel.

This after we realized if ds had been a girl his initials would have been L.E.G
We had a tough time coming up with a girls name. You see our last name start with an "S" and I knew I wanted her middle name to be Starr (my middle name, and a family name) the first name we were open to but when we got her original birth name I liked her given middle name. Her middle name is the same as her birth moms middle name, only problem it started with an "A". So her initial would have been ASS. So we named her Olivia and her middle name(s) are both her birthmoms middle name and my middle name. So it all worked out. Now she just has two middle names.
My initals until I married were ELM. My nickname was Elm Tree. The only initals I'd avoid are ones that spell unfavorable things like @ss or FAT. My dd's initals are SPH and I think it'd be cute if our last name started with an A. I'm trying to come up with a name combination I like that spells ASH, so she or he could by my little Ash Tree.

Originally Posted by elmh23
I'm trying to come up with a name combination I like that spells ASH, so she or he could by my little Ash Tree.
You may not want to do this, if you have a girl. A friend of mine pays really close attention to these things, and they were planning on naming their 2nd daughter so that her initials would be ASP (like the snake, just coincidence; they weren't trying for it). But, then they thought what if she marries a Smith? And, she decides to drop her last name? Then she'd be an A.S.S. Since you never know, how or if a women will change her name, I'd avoid giving my daughters the first two initials AS. Just food for thought!
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The AS__ dilema is more common than I thought. I was going to be Amy Sharon S____ until my parents figured out the initials.
My sister just gave birth to my my first nephew last week. He's ADORABLE, and I love him to bits.

His first and middle initials are E.T. (they didn't realize any of this when they decided on his name).
Thankfully there's a 99% chance he'll be homeschooled (both his mom and dad were homeschooled) so he won't get a whole lot of flack for that. His grandpa did say "When he's a teenager you can tell him 'E.T. phone home!'"

Their last name starts with a C, so his FULL initials are E.T.C.

My DH asked them "How's mom, dad, and etc.?"

This is very convenient for them, because they can now sign family correspondence "Mr & Mrs C____ etc." and that includes the child they have now and any future children.

When little E.T.C. grows up he can start his own business:

"Widgets, etc."

I think Etc. is a very cute nickname.

My sister's initials before she got married were ARK (as in Noah's) and now they are ARC (as in, welding?)

I recently realized my initials are "KMA" (as in Kiss My A__!

My DH's initials are BA which he says means Bad A__

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I knew a BM once. His mom figured it out when he was a few weeks old.
My youngest daughter is Hazel Eliana M.. but almost was named Hazel Adah M.. until we realized that her initials would spell ham. We decided against it.
My dh's initals spell out JAM. He doesn't like it.

I had a friend in HS who had initials that spelled ELF, which I always thought was cool.
My pre-marriage initials were LAB, and my mom was a Biologist, so it was kind of neat. (I don't even think they did it on purpose, but it worked out nicely!)
I know someone whose initials are JED and he used that as a nickname.
We added Lily to dd's name after our boys realised her initials would be ARS. She's now ALRS which dh says is better if she ends up having to initial lots of paperwork in her job!

My Mum is SEND which we always thought was funny as children.
DH and I flipped at our wedding ceremony to see which of our last names would become a middle name for both of us (his, which starts with an O) and which would be our family surname (mine, which starts with a W). This meant that we became WOW and MOW.

This babe will be COW if it's a boy. For a girl, we have several choices. Top of the list is EOW, but VOW, COW and POW are also possibilities.
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