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Baby pee and breakouts?

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This is so odd! I'm starting to think my baby's pee is causing these itchy little bubbles on my hands! Am I nuts?

I had terrible breakouts like this with my first ds, but I thought it was due to using bleach (don't stone me, I didn't know better!) when washing his diapers. A few months after he was born, I quit the bleach and it started to clear up.

But I'm not using bleach this time, and still getting these things, although it's not nearly as bad as the first one. It only started after ds was born, and the only thing I can think of that is constant is that he pees on my hands. If I get pee on my feet (he likes to lie around naked and see how far he can spray! :LOL), I get breakouts there too.
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that is odd....
sounds like if he pees on your feet and you break out there too then you've definitely found the cause of it...
don't know a solution other than wearing gloves for diaper changes??
good luck with that!!
I got the same things! I just thought it was from using disposable wipes (I haven't found any cloth wipes I can use without Sarah breaking out in a major diaper rash.) I just put Lubriderm on it until it goes away. Glad to know I'm not the only one!
Oh, I hadn't thought about wipes! I use them to clean up pee messes a lot. I wonder if that's it.

i used to get those while teaching. i figured it was from chalk and / or washing my hands very often. i also get them with baby, esp. in the beginning, so again i wonder about hand washing. lotion does seem to help at least somewhat.
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