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baby pics?

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Originally Posted by fioner View Post
I've never posted photos on here before, let's see if this works...

how cool that you named your baby Kermit! (that's my dh's name!). it's truly a unique name that everyone grows to love....
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We're a pretty good lookin' bunch if you ask me!

Here are some photos we posted for overseas relatives...
This pic was a couple weeks ago

Originally Posted by mummyto3girls View Post
Picture in siggy
OMG, your girls are so adorable!!!!!!!

here is Sarah and me at 8 weeks.
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i love the peace shirt!
i call my ds my sun too! his nickname means morning in vietnamse!
clavicula, you look great!
my sleeping babies:
month old pic
Them gazing at each other
tandem nursing pic
comparision pics of my two
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i LOVE the tandem pic.
we have some awfully adorable babes, don't we? i'm tempted to check out some pics from the other ddc's to see if theirs are as cute as ours! he he he
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These babies are all WAY too cute.

Here are some (via phonecam) oh my smiley guy...he's 6wks today!
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