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Baby pulls my hair, what to do?

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My six month old loves to pull my hair whenever he gets the chance. How can I wear it so he can't get to it when he's in a mei tai (back carry)?
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I do a 'messy bun' high on the back of my head, a regular bun works as well but I prefer the messy look.
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I have very long hair, and we run into the same problem, sometimes accidentally, sometimes not. I tuck my hair up in a hat, but sometimes DD likes to have the hat for herself... Usually it's fine if I'm already wearing the hat before I put her on my back, though.

Any other ideas??
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french-braided pigtails that curve around to the front.
2 buns, up high on your head, like sailor moon. that's my typical hairdo when i have J on my back
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