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Baby shower registries? online?

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Hi everyone!

Soooooo, I been lovingly pressured into having multiple baby showers. I don't think shy is the right word, but I don't really like being the center of attention, though I am truly grateful for all of the love and warm wishes coming our way. It just took me a by surprise. If I was still in CA I might have one shower thrown by my sis, but here in the southeast they seem to be a much bigger deal, esp. for a 1st baby.

Anyways. I'm a bit of a
: and so is dh (deep down). We are planning on cloth diapering, babywearing, co-sleeping, prefer organics, and are not finding out if our babe will be a boy or girl before the big event. These things probably make us harder to shop for. I've been looking online. Target has a couple of things, Babies R Us has more. But the cloth diapers, a sling, maybe something like the humanity co-sleeping pillow or the tres tria pillow to keep baby in our bed, aren't going to be available at these stores.

Anyone else already registering for baby gear? Where? Is there an online site that I can register for some of the harder to find items that we would like? How about organic baby clothes that aren't outrageously priced? And finally, what are you registering for? Or what would you recommend for first time parents?

Sorry this got so long! I was up all night pondering these questions. I don't sleep well when dh is out of town.

Thanks for the input! I have to figure this out soon or dh's fam may start getting impatient with me!
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You can use sites like My Registry or One Baby Registry as they allow you to put any item from any site into your registry. We were originally going to register on My Registry but we found most of the things we wanted (including cloth diapers, slings, co-sleeping pillows, etc) on Amazon so we are registered there instead. The other upside to being registered on Amazon is it's a site that everyone knows and recognizes... and it's easy to navigate.
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I am registered at Amazon and Jillian's Drawers. Jillian's has cloth diapers, wooden baby toys, glass bottles, etc...really great!
you could also try things i want

i'm struggling with the same thing on a smaller scale except most of the people attending my showers don't shop online so i'm also just finding contact info so they can shop by phone too
I didn't even think of that.
Good point about the familiarity of Amazon.

Thanks for all of the great ideas.

I think we may have the same challenge with our guests not being online shoppers. Thus the babies r us...... The phone idea is great though.

Ok. We can do this. (insert deep yoga breathing here). Thank you!
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I woud pick amazon because they have a broad selection of merchandise, have listings from lots of third party stores, and the new universal wish list will allow you to add just about anything. It works really well.
So, here's my two cents, for whatever it's worth...

Most of the people in my network of friends and family simply don't shop for gifts online. It's not that they never buy things online, but if you're going to a baby shower on Sunday, you're probably going to buy the gift on Saturday, not a week or more ahead of time. They like to walk into a brick and mortar store and buy a set item within a couple of days of the event.

My guess is that if you register just on Amazon, then most people will buy you some cute little baby item (likely clothes and blankets) that they can easily find at a local mainstream store.

So, I would recommend registering for some things at BRU and/or Target and expecting to buy items like cloth diapers and slings yourself. If you have close family members who will be spending larger sums of money, you may talk to them about buying some of those things (or simply giving you funds for these things). On my registry in the notes section I wrote something like "She will be a breastfed and cloth diapered baby" and surprisingly no one gave me disposable diapers, bottles, or pacifiers.

Here are some things that I personally find worth registering for/buying from BRU and/or Target:

Car seat (infant bucket and/or car seat)

Bouncy seat (excellent for keeping in the bathroom so you can put baby down while you pee or during your showers)

High chair

Pumping/bottle feeding supplies if you plan to WOH

Safety items - cabinet locks, top of stair gates, etc... these can really add up

Stroller(s)... This can be pretty overwhelming, and really depends on what your life style will be. Often you want more than one stroller for different things. Even if you primarily baby wear, there are times when a stroller is a wonderful thing to own so you aren't stuck wearing the baby and carrying all of the baby stuff.

A changing pad to go on top of a low dresser unit and covers to go with it (I personally love having a changing table set up and would recommend using a dresser top so it's furniture that you'll still use as baby grows)

Bath supplies - Target and BRU both have California Baby and Burt's Bees products. We never used a baby bathtub, but you might want one.

Nursing supplies - breast pads and lansinoh (for awhile after DD was born I gave this to pretty much every new mom. I went through nursing pads like crazy, and every new mom should have something like lansinoh on hand.)

Basic medicine type items - Infant Motrin, Hyland's Teething Tablets, a thermometer, an aspirator, baby nail clippers, etc

Car things: a rearview mirror (shatterproof, a bit soft, and big), a large sunshade for the rear window, etc

Crib linens and such: if you plan to buy a crib and/or set up a nursery, items like crib sheets, mobiles, etc - you could even register for a crib, a crib mattress, a nice glider, etc. BRU has the arms reach co-sleepers if you're interested in that.

I personally have found that people love to give cute baby clothes, blankets, towels, etc, but they like to pick them out themselves. Also, the stock of these items varies greatly from store to store as well as over a period of a month or two making it really hard to find the item you registered for. I personally wouldn't bother to register for much along those lines.

Both Target and BRU offer some sort of discount on items from your registry that you don't receive by a set date. So, it might be worth registering for things that you don't really expect people to spend the funds on. Then you might be pleasantly surprised, or else you'll get a discount. You're also rather likely to get a couple of gift cards to those stores anyway.

FWIW, assuming we're having any sort of shower at all, I'll go ahead and register for a few things that I would plan to buy anyway even though we're having girl #2.
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I thought that was true too, and so barely registered online, and it turned out a ton of people bought off my registry online. This time I am prepared (assuming I actually have a shower).
a friend of mine pointed me toward, unfortunately I know my family is unlikely to purchase online, so I ended up registering at babies R us and target (target's return policy is annoying). I'm guessing that I'm going to end up buying my diaper covers myself, and my own sling. With the covers I want to try out different kinds before I settle on one, so I don't want to register for all the covers I'll need for the baby. There were a lot of other little things that target and babies r us had though, so it wasn't totally a lost cause for me.

I might register at nurtured family, they have an online registry but are local to me.
I am in the same boat you are! This is what is being sent out at the invitaion to my Eco-Friendly Baby shower.

Dear Friends and Family,
You have not met me yet but I am baby Boy D and I will be arriving very soon. I am so excited to join my mommy and daddy's life and be the child they have always wanted.

You may know that my daddy is going to school for Environmental and Pollution Control Technologies. He and mommy are really trying to make a better and healthier world for me and everyone else too. I really want to start off my life with a minimal impact on the Earth and a healthy non-toxic environment for me. That is why I want to have an Eco-Friendly Baby Shower. I know that there are so many super cute baby items brand new in the store that you would love to buy for me but most of them are not healthy for me or the environment.

Ways to be Eco-Friendly could include:
•Gently used items from resale and thrift stores. This saves you lots of money, keeps these items and all the new packaging out of the landfills, have less toxins and supports a local business owner! Mommy knows you can find great baby items and toys here because she works at one.
•Wooden toys. Plastic toys and items have lots of yucky chemicals in them.
•Natural and Organic toys, clothes and blankets and Cloth Diapers Not your grandma's cloth diapers anymore - Check out our registry at Use [email protected] to search for our registry.
•Handmade gifts. Gifts made with love are always better than store bought.
•Wrapping the gift in a recycled way - a blanket, a cloth diaper, the comics, reusable fabric bag, decorative box that can be reused as storage… be creative!
•Homemade frozen meals for mommy and daddy to eat when they are too tired to cook.
•Offering to babysit me. I would love to hang out with you!
•Gift cards to Whole Foods- to buy organic foods for when mommy makes my baby food, The Outpost, any 'Green' store and resale stores.

In lieu of a baby shower card, please find a used children's book and sign it. This will be a great way to start my own library. A wonderful place to find awesome children's books (and books for you) is at Half-Price Books.

I know this is different than any baby shower you have been to but it is important to me, mommy and daddy. This will give me the best start at my life and also help the Earth! We are registered at Target on-line for a few new items. Thank you for being a part of my life (and mommy's and daddy's). I'll see you soon! Love ya!
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