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baby slings

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forgive me if there is another forum this should go in.. I looked and didn't see one..

I'm due in Jan and wanted to try baby wearing..this is my first..

Any sling suggestions??? I've heard of so many and unsure of what I would like best. If you can tell me the sling you love and why I would realllllly apreacite it.
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I use the Maya Wrap and LOVE it!!! Babe feels so secure, comfy, and it actually mellows him out when he's fussy.
Hi mama! congrats on your upcoming little one! I started out with a Hotsling and that was cool but as my DS got bigger it just wasn't comfy or practical for us. Then I moved on to a Moby Wrap which I love but once again he's sproutin' away.
It's not as comfy for me to carry him in the front anymore and I don't like the back carry in it. When he was smaller though it was great because it kept him so nice and snuggle-y while freeing my hands up to get things done around the house.


now i'm patiently waiting for my ergo to get here. it's good for front, back and side carries. there's an attachment you can get to wear your newborn in it i believe. and also i think you can wear your dc for up to 40 lbs. it is almost $100 but if you use it everday for a year it pays for itself!
we had to save up to be able to afford it but to me it's worth it to be able to get things done w/o getting a monster backache.
here's where i got mine.

Here's MDC's babywearing board and also one more useful site.

hth, good luck finding a great carrier!
but be careful as babywearing/carrier purchasing can become quite addicting.
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I have a homemade pouch sling (actually a lot of them) and a BabyHawk mei tai. I really loved the sling from newborn-3 months. Once my baby started getting heavier, I used the MT more. It's a lot more comfortable and I can have both hands free. It took me a little while to get comfortable with it, especially with the back carry. You just have to keep practicing. And now that she's older, she likes having the bird's eye view from up there. When she was younger she liked being all snug and cozy in the sling.
I loved my ring sling when dd was a newborn, now I mainly use a mei tei. Check out the babywearing forum--you will get a ton of good advice there

And now that she's older, she likes having the bird's eye view from up there. When she was younger she liked being all snug and cozy in the sling.
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I luuuuurve my Hotsling!

I have a Mei Tai too but it's too big for me to wear
(I have a really small frame) but it fits DH fine!
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DD loves it because she likes to face out.
They are also really a good deal for a baby carrier

Also have a Momo Ring sling

kudos for you for getting into babywearing...
yah!! baby-wearing is fabulous!!
we started off with a homeade mei tai-ish one and a mobywrap/ellaroo-ish one. we LOVED the moby one and used it constantly. dd and i loved having her so snuggly and hands free is great. it takes some practice to get used to using a wrap, but not too long. before i knew it i could put it on in seconds flat (but grandma is still intimidated by it - "don't you just want us to buy you a stroller??"). awhile ago, someone gave us a mayawrap (ring sling) which i use b/c it is quick to slip on and off, but it's not fully handsfree like the others and it hurts my shoulder after too long. plus, dd didn't like it when she was a newborn b/c she would have to be lying down in it. some babies love that though, just not ours!! but...since we saved for an ergo and finally bought it, we barely use anything else. we absolutely love it. we got it after dd was big enough not to need the infant insert, but i've heard you could just put a blanket in with babe and achieve the same effect. congrats on upcoming motherhood!!
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I have a padded sling and love it.
Also, we use the Maya Wrap and Ergo, but not until much later.
Slings are def addictive!!!

If you decide on a maya wrap, I have one for sale!
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I would get a few different types or if you can't afford it, wait until your little one is here and try some of your friends wraps (if you have any that babywear). I like different ones for different reasons. I LOVE my Ergo (I even did a post titled something like "I LOVE my Ergo!"
) because now that my ds is 15 + lbs. it saves my back when I wear him in the front.

Good luck!
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yup. get a few different kinds (try thrift shops, freecycle, craigslist if money is a problem). i like a super padded ring sling for a new born (best support, especially for a snuggle hold...which is NOT lying down. but chest to chest) or a wrap (stretchy ones like moby are okay, but as they gain weight you need a woven one like an ellaroo or didymos or make your own ) (great wrapping instructions at then as they get head control i like a pouch ( ) for its ease...and wrap is still that lil man is hitting 15 lbs the ergo ( ) is great, really comfortable, although i only use it for our long night walks since it takes a bit of effort to get into. we're also looking into getting a mei tei for wearing the baby on the back.

check out for excellent product reviews. sells lots of different types of slings, wraps and carriers.

i highly recommend taking a class if you can find one. remember, babywearing takes practice...don't give up and get help from someone experienced.

good luck!
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i love my ring sling!
jessica at happy slings has been the best to work with- answers all of my questions, great communication, very personable- just wonderful!
so there's my vote if you decide on a ring sling.
I've never been able to get the ring slings on right, so I still don't use those.

I've used a hug-a-bub since dd was a few weeks old, and it is absolutely perfect, especially for a small baby. I wore her for 7 or 8 hours a day up until she was about 2 months old, and my back rarely hurt.

Now that dd is 7 months and 17 pounds, I'm going to get an Ergo carrier. The hugabub is still great for an hour or two, but dd is getting too heavy to carry in the hugabub all day.

Love my homemade pouch sling b/c I've been able to use it since dd was born (she's 13 mo. now) w/ her sitting in different positions as she has grown. Nothing to adjust or finagle and it wads up so small it's easy to take places. Plus, I could bf in it.
DD, DH, and I all adore our Hotslings. Love love love them; they're so comfy and lightweight and easy to pack even in a tiny bag. DD digs it for both awake time and sleeping.

We had an OTSBH (Over the Shoulder Baby Holder) ring sling for DS (now 3 yrs.), but he never took to it, and neither did we. It seemed so big & bulky, and constantly needed readjusting.
I got a Maya wrap with this baby. With the other three, I had an Over the Shoulder Baby Holder. I found it was good when they were little, but not as they got bigger. I love the Maya. The DVD helped me figure out how to use it.
I absolutely LOVE my kozy carrier. You can find them on I never leave the house without it. With having another little one I can keep my ds in the carrier and push my dd in the shopping cart.
Plus he goes right to sleep in it. I can also nurse in it without anyone even noticing. I don't know how I lived without it for my other two. I have a sling but I just don't like it personally. The kozy keeps him nice and snug up to me which he loves. I can bend over with him in it and not worry about him falling forward. Check out the website, they show all the different ways to use it!! I can also fold it up small enough to put in the diaper bag to always have it with me.
I have a pouch sling, mei tai and Moby wrap. I love all of them! I just got the Moby wrap so that is what I am using most at the moment. I tie it on before leaving the house and it takes seconds to slip DS in.
DS and I LOVE our Moby, too - facing out for walks so that he can look at the trees, or facing in if he's resisting napping. I had some back issues during pregnancy and this has been NO problem, the support is well distributed. DS is 17 lbs and we're still happy with the moby. It took a little time to get used to tying it but after several tries I was a "pro". Beware getting a dark colored one when it's warm, though, the black one was WAY too hot in the spring when it wasn't even really hot yet, so we got a "natural" one and a green Moby D and those work great. Guess I'll save the black one for winter if he's not too big by then. For now it's in the car for emergencies and use in cold air conditioned places.

I have a maya also, but it's not as ergonomically designed. I like how much simpler it is, though, so sometimes we use that for quick jaunts like to the car or back when I have to carry something else also.

My hotsling pouch hasn't gotten much use.

Good luck - it IS addictive!
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