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Baby Spud arrived early! Was due May 6th.

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Hi all, just wanted to share with you the amazing news - our baby arrived early - at 34 weeks and a day on March 26, 2006.
Her name's Emma Primrose. She weighed at 6 lb 2 oz, so I cannot imagine giving birth to a term baby at her growth rate!

Didn't have her ideally where I'd planned - the Birth Center, as she was considered a pre-me, but it still worked out great as the hospital allowed for active child birth, and with the constant of my husband to support me and the wonderful midwife from the Birth Center who was there for the more challenging bits. I insisted on no epidural, and no episiotomy. The hospital listened.

The important thing was that I really had no birth plan per se, and so I wasn't disapointed. Also, the other thing to keep in mind is that what your body's experiencing is your baby communicating with your body to get the job done. For me I remember a lot of intense pressure, and only towards the end, I might clasify that pressure as pain, but even so, as long as you have the two sensations separate in your mind, you won't allow your mind to bring fear into it, and even with 12 hours of labour, time flies when you're the one popping the baby out

All the best in your month or weeks ahead, and keep an open mind, trust your body and enjoy this most amazing experience!

Now, we've got our hands full trying to figure out parenting. Emma's an angel, sleeps mostly, then eats (latched on great, although I pump to give feeding time a rest occasionally and a chance to hubby to take a more active part, by feeding her) and poops and pees. So far so good.

Next on our schedule, sponge bathe her. Hmmm, a bit daunting even though we were shown how at the baby class.
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Wow -- Congratulations! Hope you're all happy and healthy!
Congrats to you and you family, did everything go well?
WOW! That is early! Congratulations, can't wait to see pics!
Aiee! There's the baby post I've been waiting for.

Hugest congratulations. So glad that everything went well, and you had excellent support, and, just to add, I'm totally smitten with the name "Primrose" now! Beautiful!

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I had to triple check this was our May ddc!!!
WOW. Yea, totally-the post I,too was waiting to see every time i logged on!
: little girl!!!
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Hooray! Congratulations and welcome baby Emma!! I can't believe what a good sized baby she was that young! You did a great job cooking her!
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Love the name! And wow, what a terrific size for a 34 weeker (my dd was 6lb 2oz at 38w1d!

Enjoy your babymoon!!
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Wow! Congrats and welcome baby Emma!! What a great sounds like she is perfect in every way! Please pictures! I can't wait to see her!
Congratulations! Sounds like you are all doing wonderfully....
Congrats mama and baby Emma!!! Love her name, by the way!!!
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Welocome to the world Emma! Enjoy every moment~

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