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My 15-month old's teeth are coming in quite crooked, especially on the bottom. Of more concern is that the first two bottom teeth form an inward v-shape (pointing in toward the tongue), as do the two top front teeth, to a lesser extent. My older child's teeth came in perfectly straight, so this is freaking me out a bit. Does anyone know what the v-shape is all about?

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My son's bottom teeth make a V pointing at his tongue, and I recently noticed that just barely his top two teeth have a similar tendency, but it's much, much less. My son's older, he's just about to turn 3, so he's got all his teeth, and I can see that his top teeth are just a bit crowded, his bottom moreso. My son nursed just fine, gained weight fine, all that good stuff, but he has an anterior tongue tie. When he sticks out his tongue, it doesn't come out very far, and it's sorta heart-shaped. I don't think it's a coincidence that his teeth are pointing toward it.

I am Weston Price-y in my interpretation of nutrition, and I think, for us, it fits with my health problems. My 2nd child is more affected than my 1st, I was nutritionally depleted (for both, but especially for my second). Price's argument in his book is that we need a whole lot more fat-soluble vitamins and minerals in order to grow jaws big enough for the teeth to be straight and make a nice shape. And there are actual studies, I think, on the importance of vitamin A and folate and proper palate formation and tongue ties. I think that's our issue.

My long-term plan is definitely cranial-sacral therapy to help with jaw shape issues (my kids have high palates too), and I'm not sure if I'll need to have my son's tongue tie clipped or not. I don't know how restricted his tongue mobility is, and I think that muscle connecting may retard the proper growth of his jaw, but I'm just not sure--maybe CST alone would be enough.

But, my daughter is 5 and my son almost 3, so we haven't finished this yet, so I can't attest to whether it will work or not.

whoMe started a thread that has some links on palates and tongue ties that may be of interest, it's just a bit further down this page.
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