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My dd is 23 mo.

She was hospitalized when she was 7.5 wo for uti. It was all around the worst experience of our lives, to say the least. She hasn't had a problem since, though we do take some precautions like no baths (just showers).

Last Friday she poo'd her diaper and the poo got into her girl parts.... worse than I've ever seen in the past 23 months. I mean it was all the way up into her vagina. Anyway, since I couldn't get it all out, I was freaking out a bit. I called the dr office and spoke to a nurse who told me to put her into the tub and just swish water around her in an attempt to remove it. When I told the nurse my concern, about the uti, she understood but said that I couldn't leave the poo in there. I agreed and very reluctantly gave her a bath. The nurse told me to watch her for signs for the next few days that would indicate uti: fever, hurts when peeing, etc...

Two days later, dd's morning diaper smelled really bad, I mean the worst ammonia smell I've ever smelled. I didn't think much of it except what did she or I (she bf) have to eat the day/night before. She did have seconds of meat (meatloaf) at dinner. It was only her first morning diaper, none of the rest of the diapers during the day. (She's in 7th gen sposies, btw.) I made sure she was getting plenty of h20 during the day in case she was dehydrated.

The next morning her diaper smelled again. So I thought that since this is very abnormal, maybe it's a uti, so I gave her d-mannose doses as directed on the bottle. And surprise, the next morning, no diaper smell. So I thought that must have been the problem (from the poo) and the d-mannose cleared it up. Still two more days to of taking it, though, according to the bottle directions. So I continued as per the bottle directions.

Guess what? the next morning the diaper smelled again of ammonia. And this morning, Again it smelled (though not as strong). Just the morning diapers, no subsequent ones.

Could this strong smell just be something in our diets, hormone changes in me (it's 'that' time of the month), just a coincidence, dehydration... I'm thinking that maybe I should take her in to be tested. She doesn't have a fever, though she was low-grade at about 99-ish the other day. She is acting and playing normally. She doesn't cry when she pees. It's just that damn smell in the first diaper coupled w/the fact that the poo was in there a few days before.

UGH... what should I do? Please share your advice, wisdom, opinion.

I am almost certain they will do a catheter to test her. We tried the bag before for her follow-up from the hospital when she was 9 wo and the sample was tainted w/bacteria and ended up doing the catheter anyway (which came back fine meaning all the antibiotics worked).

Sorry this was long. I'm super worried.


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She's acting normal. I watch her and wait to see. Could the strong amonia smell be from her peeing early in the night and so the pee in ther diaper is old? And cloth or disposable? Cloth build up?

I hope this doesn't turn into anything bad.
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