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baby too low in ergo?

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Hi. This is further to my earlier question about best back carriers for my seven-month-old DD, who weighs about 17 pounds. We do a lot of walking and I feared the sling would be too warm with spring arriving, plus I don't find it good for the kind of long outings we do, although I use it a lot for short jaunts and in and around the house. I got a lot of great responses and many of them recommended the Ergo. It looks good to me, too, from what I've seen on the company's website. My only concern (voiced by one of the respondents) is that baby sits pretty low on the back. Tova is a nosy noodle and definitely likes to look around. Will she be able to see much in the Ergo? Did anyone else find that to be a problem? I'm in the process of trying to buy one, so I'd love to hear some feedback as soon as possible. TIA ...
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Bea is quite nosy as well...and really enjoys being in back in the ergo. It is definitely lower than a backpack, so she turns her head and watches out the side instead of over my sholder. This doesn't seem to bother her though.

Also, if you are buying new I would recomend buying through because she has a 90 day money back trial.
Michelle is also 7 months and on the small side (14 lb, 6 oz and 25.25 inches), and the top of the Ergo comes up to about the middle of the back of her head while she is in it. She also looks out the side to see things and seems to do fine that way. I sometimes use some of those links to clip a toy (teething ring or whatever) to the carrier to also help keep her occupied. Seems to work fine for her.
It's son is also really "nosy", but facing my back in the Ergo doesn't seem to daunt him! It's the cutest thing - he'll just lean way over to the side so that he can look around me, or he'll lean way back to check out what's above him. At first, all of his movements made me nervous (I was worried that he'd fall out), but he's really well supported.
You might try the babywearing forum for more info
Thanks for the replies everyone. It's reassuring. I think I'm going to take the plunge and order the Ergo. I'm sure Tova will love it -- in the meantime we'll keep using the sling (in hip-carry mode -- she won't go in it reclining anymore because she's too nosy!) and the buggy for longer outings. So glad the weather is getting warmer here in Nova Scotia.
My baby is about 17lbs at 7 months too

Check out the difference. Here is my little guy last month while bowling at my nephews bday party in a kozy mei tai. I have him in the high back carry with no straps around my waist and ds can see well over my shoulders:

I haven't taken any pics of our ergo yet but here is a link from their site, see how baby is down lower and can't see over her shoulders:

I just find mei tais to be a lot more versatile and comfortable. I bought the ergo for dh but even he prefers the kozy mei tai.
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