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my baby is doing some intense teething (every waking moment). she was using teething rings and now it's me or nothing. she even stopped sucking her thumb after two months of serious thumb sucking.

i am in A LOT of pain not to mention getting the same physical problems from sitting ALL DAY that i had when she was colicky.

she screams when i just dash off for a moment to use the bathroom. nobody else can even hold her. it's just like the colic days, actually, except she sleeps now and bf makes her happy.

i'm desperate for some suggestions, even though i don't know what kind of help i need.

oh and my breasts have swollen to massive proportions over the past week. i'm suddenly so top heavy that none of my shirts fit. i had to reopen my box of maternity clothes. is this common when being used as an almost constant teether?

i'm sooo uncomfortable and tired. my apologies if this comes off as whining.
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