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baby with chronic constipation

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I am at my wits end. My poor baby crys and fights her bowel movments and I seem to be helpless to do anything about it.

It all started when my milk supply started to drop due to a thyroid condition. I started supplimenting with Carnation Good Start and rice cereal. BAD mistakes!! I now use raw goats milk.

These are the things that I have tired and am still doing:

Black Strap Molasses
Slippery Elm
Magnesium (stopped this and started Milk of Magnesia, doctors suggestion)
Flax seed oil
other fruits and ocassional juices
veggies that are full of fiber
Placing her in a tub of warm water to relax her.
Tummy massage

Does anyone have any suggestions???? Please. This has been going on for 5 mos now.

The doc said that her colon has stretched and that is why she needs to take the MOM. She has to keep her colon clean so that it can shrink back, but she only goes every 3-4 days and it is so painful for her. Large and hard.

I would exclusively breast feed, but I don't have enough milk. I have tired all the herbs I can think of and all I have mannaged to do is sustain the supply I do have. No matter how much I let dd nurse, it still won't increase.

Is there any help for my dd??

PS I know about fruit and candida, but I am desperate and will try most anything to releave my baby. I am giving dd Probiotics, and candida can be dealt with later if need be.
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Thanks for the website link!!

There are three things mentioned that I have not tried.
~I have given her spinach, but not often.
~Epsom Salt bath
~Flax tea (I was using the oil)
I'll give these a go!!

If anyone else has ideas, I am all ears!!
We had fun with encorpresis too and nothing worked, we finally gave in and did Miralax for several months while dd learned not to scared of having a bowel movement. Its a nasty cycle, hurts to poop = withholding = more pain = more withholding.
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