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Has anyone ever dealt with this?<br><br>
My father lives in Germany, and his new wife's dd has an 8 month old son. From what I can get from him, the baby has one very narrow ureter, which prevents urine from draining to his bladder, so it backs up into his kidney.<br><br>
He goes back and forth between being okay, to being quite sick. Their doctors have been watching him. His mother has taken him to England for a consultation, to Chinese medicine doctors, everything she can think of, but the doctors are saying that it is time to have his kidney removed!!<br><br>
Seems to me that opening the ureter would be a better approach. His mother is just crying her eyes out every day over the prospect of putting her baby into surgery. My father called me at 3 am his time, her weeping in the background, begging for any information he might be able to get for her and her baby here in the States.<br><br>
Has anyone dealt with this before? Do you know any good contacts where she might send his records for a consultation? I will refer them to Johns Hopkins, but I don't really know.<br><br>
So appreciative of anything you can offer, as is his desperate momma. Poor little thing.
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