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I know this is not an answer to your question, but I can't think of a more peaceful way to put a child to sleep. When I see my tired child begin to nurse and at first he's wiggling around, not able to relax, and then to see and feel him let go and slide into that perfectly peaceful state--it's just so lovely and to know that I did that for him.

My son (from about 3 mos. to 10 mos.) was happy to lay down with dad every night and go to sleep while I read to his older sisters. Then he would only have me (unless I am gone--then he goes to sleep with dad or his big sister). Now he is two and a half and still nurses at bedtime, but after a while I tell him that nursing time is over and now it is sleeping time, and he snuggles down with me and goes to sleep.

Incidently, they do eventually find a way to go to sleep on their own and sleep all night, no matter what you do when they are babies.

Sweet dreams!
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