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Baby won't nurse

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My baby hasn't nursed for over five hours- he is sucking and rooting, but screams when I put him to the breast. He nursed fine this morning.

He isn't unduly upset- happy in the sling, no fever or anything. How long can I let him go without nursing until I try some expressed milk in a syringe or something? Last wet diaper was four hours ago, but his eyes and mouth are still moist.

How long should I wait?
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See if you can rock him to sleep and then slip a nipple in his mouth.

Could be that he scraped a gum or cheek, or has a sore throat.

Watch the soft spot - if it indents, and keep track of wets, babies wet less in the evening, but should still have wets.

Have you tried other positions to nurse? Laying down, baby to your side, baby on your chest, etc.
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