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Baby's Jarro Dophilus VS. Kefir

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Can anyone tell me if giving my toddler Baby Dophilus is as good as giving him Kefir? He is special needs and won't drink anything but formula. I want to give him the benefits of kefir, but I am thinking that maybe the baby dophilus will do the job.


Keli, mom to Benjamin, 18 months
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I was wondering about using Kefir rather than expensive probiotics for my ds but decided against it after finding out that Kefir is fermented with a yeast. Does your ds have yeast problems at all? My son has Aspergers syndrome (on the autism spectrum) and like many kids with ASD he has lots of yeast problems. Baby Jarrodophilus might be a safer bet.
Yes, my son has a lot of yeast problems. He is on continual antibiotics for chronic ear infections and gets terrible yeast diaper rashes and thrush. I am hoping the baby dophilus will help.

Keli, mom to Benjamin, 18 months
What about homemade 24 hr. yogurt? Very easy to make, and it has lots more strains of probiotics than an acidophilous powder. Check out some of the yogurt threads in this forum. Also go to the healing the gut tribe. There are lots of knowledgeable mamas over there.
Do some research on the yeast in Kefir. A nicely balance kefir will produce a beneficial yeast that will help cure common yeast problems. However, a kefir that is not balanced with agrivate yeast. My first kefir grains produced a kefir that was not balanced and I had yeast issues because of it. I stopped drinking kefir. Then I got a new batch of grains that are amazing and I have had no issues with yeast at all. If the batch smells overpowering with yeast then you know it's not balanced. However, you can correct the problem by fermenting the live grains with the powder kefir starter and that should balance the yeast out. There is more probiotic in 1tbsp of kefir then there is in a whole cup of yoghurt. I imagine there is a ton more than in the probiotic suppliment as well.

That said I have to start giving ds a probiotic suppliment as he has dairy causing eczema.
I would love to find some water grains so he can start drinking kefir again.
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Thanks so much for the info. I have never heard of the 24 hour yogurt. I'll check into that. I guess I should have mentioned that he has milk issues as well, so I'm not sure he can even have the kefir. Is that right? The first probiotic we tried had lactose in it and it caused major gas and diarrhea. I never realized that there would be milk products in there. I will go over to the healing the gut forum and check it out. Sounds good.

Keli, mom to Benjamin, 18 months
My 8wk old has to take prophylactic antibiotics for kidney reflux and I really notice that the Baby jarrodophilus has made a big difference--I just mix the powder with a small amount of expessed milk and give it to her like her other meds.. No experience w/ using kefir though!
I thought I would quickly share my tried and true solution for yeast diaper rash, since you mentioned your ds is prone to it.
Use the following as a diaper wipe solution during each diaper change. Pat dry

1 1/2 cups distilled water made into calendula tea
Steep this with dried calendula flowers (health food store) for an hour or so to make a nice strong "tea".

1/2 cup apple cider vinegar
1 drop tea tree essential oil
2 drops lavender essential oil

take care
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Baby Jarrow is bifidus dominent.

There is research showing the only time we are bifidus dominent is when we are exclusively nursing so it is an inappropriate supplement when babies have graduated to solid foods.

For yeast problems, the Specific Carbohydrate Diet is the best:

For ASD kids (or anyone with leaky gut or digestive issues), Karen DeFelice's book is a must read:
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