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How did you choose you're baby's name and what does it mean? My son's name is Malachi Asa. Malachi means "My angel/messenger" and Asa means "he has given". So his name means "my angel he has given". I got both of his names from the Bible.
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My ds name is Mylo. I don't know what it means but I got the name from a childrens book called The phantom tollbooth and it sounds good with his older sisters name, Chloe
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Titus Uluinatualoa after his grandfather and great grandfather Taitusi who are from Fiji. Titus means "of the giants." Couldn't get more appropriate with this chunka baby!
Dd's name is Myroslava which is an old Slavic name meaning "glory to the world." We picked it basically just because we liked it. We wanted a Slavic name (dh is Ukrainian), but we wanted one that wasn't too common. I had suggested Yaroslava, but dh misheard me and thought I said Myroslava--and then we realized that we both realy liked that name. The only downside is that many Americans screw up the pronunciation (my parents STILL don't pronounce it correctly
). And so we gave her the middle name Rose, which we figure she can use if she gets tired of the "exotic" name.
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I wanted a name with meaning

I call mine Mathieu (Matthew in English) coming from hebrew, that means "God's gift"
My twin boys names are Malachi and Asher -- both Jewish/Biblical names first meaning messenger of God and the second meaning happy or blessed one
My daughters both have adaptations of family names...and they also get Hebrew names for ritual purposes

Veronica Chaya, my 4yo, goes by Ronni. Her grandfather (dh's dad) was Ronald and went by Ronnie, so we wanted a first name we could shorten to Ronni. Chaya is the name of the woman in my dad's side of the family that is highest on our family tree -- the oldest ancestor we could trace. Her Hebrew name is Ronit Chaya -- "song of life."

Samara Rivka, the baby, is named for my grandfather's brother Sam, who died very young and is the subject of colorful family stories, and DH's grandmother Riva, who died just over 2 years ago. Riva was one of my favorite people in the world -- a real grandmother to me even though I just entered the family by marriage. Samara's Hebrew name will be (baby naming coming at the end of the month) Rivka Nachoma -- Rivka is "a snare" and Nachoma is "comfort" -- so I like to believe it will mean that she will be bound in comfort! Nachoma is another old family name from my dad's side.
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My daughter is Sarah Patrice. We picked Sarah because it's a name we've both loved forever (I used to have a doll named Sarah when I was about 4-7 and dh loved the name after reading it in the Bible.) It also happens to be dh's sisters middle name. She's really cool and we get along great so I was fine with that honor. Since Sarah was a family name for dh, I wanted one from mine for the middle name. Patrice is my mother's middle name. I wanted to honor either myself, my mom or my grandmother but none of the names sounded right or were extreamly common (seriously how many Sarah Elizabeth's do you know?) Patrice just fit.

Her name means "Princess Noblewoman" which I think it really cute. We call her Sarah Pat often aswell, which just fits her.
My dd is Caia Aleksandra. Caia I just saw somewhere and I never heard it before but it was short and simple so I had to name her it. It means "to rejoice" in latin. She is definatly a happy baby. Aleksandra is the female Ukrainian form of dh's name (Oleksiy) , also it means defender of man like the american Alexandra. If (when) we have another girl her name will be Leysa Vivian. Leysa (pronounced laysya) is also a Ukie name meaning defender of man (ukies are weird lol they have 2 names that sound nothing alike that mean the same). Vivian after my grandma.
My DS is Jonathan Isaac. Both are Biblical names... Jonathan was David's best friend in the Bible and he was an honorable and courageous man. Isaac was a son of Abraham, was saved by God, and later became the father of Jacob.

We just wanted a strong, meaningful name, and one that wouldn't be "made fun of" later. I am Carolyn and was born in Maryland. I remember growing up and that always being a joke on the playard. "Carolyn from Maryland." And oh yes, my best friend was Rhia from Korea. Ugh. *sigh* Kids can be mean. So we wanted a name that wouldn't rhyme or be shortened to sound strange.
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it took us quite a while to pick out a name, we went back and forth FOREVER it seemed! i guess that's not entirely true, his name was decided when i was 3months pregnant. derek suggested haye, but liked the spelling hai...i didn't really. so we compromised on haye, i think it is cute and amazingly fun. i like one syllable names a lot. we were going to use it as a middle name but couldn't think of any names to go with it. then we were toying with it as a first name and derek said "hey, what about haye...jude?" and it was perfect. we both smiled and knew it was great. we never told anybody the name until after he was born. i didn't really care to hear everyones opinion on how you can't name your baby after a song, blah blah blah.
it fits him perfect, i love it a lot.
we are big hockey fans and my ds's first name martin, is inspired my martin brodeur (goalie for the devils), dh is a goalie, his middle name is after my dad frank,who died when i was a dd's first name is ivy rose, in memory of my nana who was like a parent to me, the rose is in memory of my little cousin who died when she was 3....she was my first little princess....her name was angela mary,but when she died someone put a rose in her casket with a note saying 'angela, always as lovely as a rose" i thought it fit well with ivy , her middle name is margaret which is a family name on dh's side.....
Another Titus! How cool!
And mine is a giant too

Our's is Titus Fremont, after the character Titus in the Edward Gorey book: "The Gashleycrumb Tinies" and after dh's late grandpa, James Fremont "Monty".
Titus is also a book of the Bible, and a Shakespear play, so we've got all the bases covered
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My daughter is named Morgan Elizabeth, both names I just like. Morgan means edge of the sea.
Siobhan is Irish for Joan who was my grandmother. Mairead is Irish for Margaret who was dh's grandmother.
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I'm a name junkie, so love this thread. My sister was in high school and talked my Mom into my name (Skana, rhymes with Dana). It was something she had heard and the most I've been able to find out is that it appears to be a Haida (native band in western Canada) word meaning whale. I hated it as a kid, but don't mind it now. Anyway, DS is Griffin David -- we just loved Griffin and he loves the fact that his name is a mythological beast! David is after DH, whose dad is also David. We don't like names that are two common, but also don't want ones that are too wild (since I have one I continually have to pronounce and spell for people). DD is Tova Evelyn. I wanted to name her Ruby, but DH couldn't stomach it. Tova was a name I had heard 15 years ago that had stuck with me. It is Hebrew for good. So it was DH's first choice and a very close second with me. Evelyn is after my beautiful Mom, who is 80 and in failing health. If Tova had been a boy, we were choosing between Elijah and Nate, both just names we love.
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DS is Andrew Esteban. We needed a name that translated into Polish (my family), Spanish (dh is Mexican) and of course English. Esteban is Steven in Spanish.
-My grandmother requested "no names crazy."
-DH didn't want anything that was "common" in Mexico
-I fibbed and told dh we had to name him before leaving the hospital (otherwise "Baby Boy" would have been his name)

After 2 days, 5 baby name books and an old envelope with a LOT of writing on it, we settled on Andrew Esteban-translates to Andjrez Stefan in Polish, Andres Esteban in Spanish, sounds great, St. Esteban is the name of dh's church at home in Mexico, and my grandmother doesn't have to try to say "crazy name".
Athanasia means "immortal" (Greek: 'a'= without, 'thanatos'= death). It is the name of a flower as well, and I have always loved botanical names. The common name of the flower, as well as the diminutive form of the name, is Tansy, and that is what we introduce her as and what her friends and family call her (and was also our nickname for her when she was yet unborn, although we hadn't decided on a name yet). Her dad found it in a baby name book from the 1940s, where it said, "Definitely NOT a good Christian name" and we liked that.
We wanted a name she wouldn't have to share with anyone else.

Her middle name is Celeste. It might not have been our final decision but she came as a bit of a surprise. We wanted to name her before she was transferred to the NICU (another hospital in another city in another state) so that she would have a name to travel with, otherwise we probably would have given it a few more days' thought. But Celeste means "from the heavens" and she certainly is my bright little star, so it fits. I think it is pretty.

Of course she will probably grow up thinking her name is 'Roo' as this is what she is most often called by us.
I'd love to hear some of the other pet names / terms of endearment...
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we named our daughter Eisa Green (pronounced eyes-za)
DH and I were talking about names on a car trip from ohio to new york- we passed under a bridge named "eisaman bridge" and we said "oh, eisa is nice" and let it go, but as we drove it kept coming back to us and we fooled around with middle names till we found Green, which is just beautiful for a million reasons. So, when we got home we looked it up and found that in Iceland it means "good witch of forests and forest fires." how nice- especially with green.

my husband is german and for her to get a german citizenship, we needed to prove that it was a real name. give me a break, but instead of finding the web site that gave the icelandish translation, we found that it is a japanese druming dance and also means jesus in---some launguage. i have to ask dh again.
anyway- nobody sais it right when they read it (or maybe we don't say it right) but i still love it and feel like it is a name that she can do anything with. well, we will see, right?
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