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Baby's Own organic baby Formula?

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Please don't bash me... I'm a WOH mom and I'm starting to have a bit of trouble keeping up with DD as far as pumping enough for her. We're not at the point where we need to supplement yet, but just in case- I was doing some research. This seems to be the only brand of organic formula. Does anyone know anything about it. Is it wicked expensive? Is it really that much better or more natural?
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I don't know anything about it, but wanted to suggest that if you don't get helpful responses here, cross post in WOHM forum.

Good luck!
I also need to supplement on occasion and actually just read the ingredients on her formula. I couldn't believe it.

I found

babys only organic not sure if thats the same as babys own? but the only place i can find organic formula is at whole foods and its not really near to us.
For a couple of weeks when my dd was 8 months old, I wasn't pumping enough at work for her and had to supplement. I used Baby's Only Organic formula. I never compared the price as it was important to me to use organic. Baby's Only smelled good and tasted okay. I recently smelled regular formula and it was SCARY!! You can find out more about it at Good luck and if you want/need any advice on increasing your supply while pumping lots of moms have advice!
Thanks ladies. I was alittle afraid that mentioning the possibility of giving my baby formula may get me stoned. Thanks for the support. I am working on increasing my supply for now- drinking more water, mother's milk tea etc. I just want to be prepared so my little bean won't go hungry. I agree with the pp that, for me as well, organic is more important to me than the price. DH freaked when I mentioned formula "That's not even FOOD! They make it in a lab!!"
Made me feel like a failure.
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Oh thanks dh! Maybe he could start pumping.

I had the most success with Fenugreek and oatmeal and pumping so often it felt like I did more pumping than not! I also had cans of formula to give away when my supply and her demand met up again. I was also afraid of her going hungry! :LOL

Good luck.
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The company that makes it advertises it at Toddler formula because it does not want to encourage people to abandon BF'ing infants. However, according to a friend of mine, the ingrediants are the same or better as most infant formulas. In other words, they are nutritionally complete according to FDA guidelines. You can check with you ped if you are worried.

We tried both organic and non organic formula with Lulu. She refused it all. The organic smelled good, the non organic was pretty durn gross. The organic is much more expensive. You use a huge amount to make one bottle. If I were supplementing, I probably would use a mixture of both, simply because of the money. But if I were FF'ing only, perhaps I would spring for almost entirely organic.
My son used it in his SNS from 12 months until 17 months. It's pretty good in terms of formula...hard to mix, but smells decent and the ingredient label's not totally scary. Call the company and ask for a free sample--they sent us a coupon for a free can. You use less powder than with the name brands, so it actually ends up being about equal in price to the other brands per serving if you buy it buy the case (Wild Oats gives you a 10% discount for buying it by the case). And after 24 cans, you send in the UPC's to the formula company and they send you a coupon for 2 free cans.

And, it's marketed as a toddler formula because the FDA won't approve organic formulas (well most of them) for use in infants. It's perfectly safe (if not safer) than the alternatives, even though we did use it as a toddler formula. It doesn't have the nasty stuff, like corn syrup.

So, if you have to use formula, that's the kind I'd recommend. We've always had good luck with it (for the record, we have used formula in a lactaid since our son was about 2 months old due to extreme low supply that wasn't remedied by pumping every 2 hours with a hospital grade pump while nursing on demand and taking tons of oatmeal and mother's milk tea). We used carnation the first year and baby's only until's only is a much better option!
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Horizon also makes an organic formula. I have no idea what the differences are between Baby's Own and Horizon, but I thought I'd let you know that you have a choice, in case you do need to supplement and your baby doesn't like one or has a reaction to it. I pumped for ds for 18 months and dd for 12 months while I worked, so I know how it feels to worry about what you can feed your baby. Once my freezer went out and I lost a whole freezer full of milk, and it took my management company a week to get us a new fridge - it was awful, and ds had to have some formula during that time.

I don't know how old you baby is, but if she's eating solids, you might have her DCP feed her more solids and water during the day and nurse exclusively while you're together. you might end up doing more night nursing, but if it makes you feel better than giving her formula, it would be worth it. Good luck!
We've been using Baby's Own for almost a year now to supplement breastmilk (don't ask, long story), and have been pleased with it. We have ordered it online from Amazon and bought it at Whole Foods, with a 10% case discount. I didn't think it was that much more expensive than regular formula. If I had it to do over again, I think I might have started DS with a hypoallergenic formula, but there are none that are organic, which was important to me. Horizon does make an organic formula, but they've been in trouble recently for not having wholly organic farms, and their formula is much more expensive. However, I think it would be fine, too. Best of luck to you. It takes a brave mama to ask about formula here. I certainly didn't want to supplement but really had no choice. Someone here recently mentioned you can get organic goat milk formula from the UK- now that would be cool to try!
Just had to add another voice saying that we've had good luck with that formula. We're not using it at the moment, but have in the past and it agreed with her fine. We used the dairy based, not the soy, fwiw. At the moment we're getting our formula through WIC but when I buy it myself I definitly prefer the organic one. Also, if you save the labels off 10 (?) cans you can get a coupon for a free can, so that helps off set some of the price difference. Actually, I seem to recall that after I did the calculations, if you got the discounted price buying it by the case and factored in the 11th being free, it really wasn't much more than Similiac or the equivalent mainstream brand.

Good luck keeping your supply up! I've had supply problems since day 1 and dd's been supplemented since about 3 weeks. It was hard at first, but she's done really well on both breastmilk & formula. Hasn't been sick once and she's going on 9 months.
Even if you try everything & can't get your supply to keep up (like happened to me) remember that EVERY ounce of breastmilk you give them is precious. My supply is really quite low at this point, but the way I see it, even if she only gets a few ounces of breastmilk a day that adds up to like a gallon over a month!

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As far as increasing your supply, for me, the fenugreek capsules are awesome. When I first started using them, I actually got engorged! The tea didn't do nearly as much for me. I ended up with PLENTY of milk and never had to supplement, thankfully
Just my .02
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we used it a bit and liked it- i would recommend it- def. don't use the reg. formula! lee seemed to like it...
Thanks so much for all the replies. Over the last several days DD stopped sleeping through the night and was nursing every couple hours. hence... increased supply! I guess she knew what she was doing. Isn't it just amazing how our bodies and babies work together like that...
I seem to be okay for now.
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Ok, so you don't need it, but I have to put in my opinion. I used Baby's Only Organic Soy formula with my first dd & she has never been sick (she was on it from 3 months & nothing else due to severe breastfeeding & supply issues). My 2 1/2 month old is also using this & is extremely healthy. I am heartbroken about the breastfeeding issues, but this company is very good!
I wish you luck & am grateful you were not stoned for the question. I noticed that even the people who responded felt like they had to explain (me too).
I am sorry for that....
well- maybe it was good that it was brought up and even better that it was met with support. I think we all need to feel free to discuss any issue that comes up without judgment- after all, we are all just doing the very best we can for our children, even if the absolute ideal isn't always possible.
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I'm glad your supply has increased thats great!

I'm glad to hear the other replies here also as I just got my first can of babys only and feel much better using that than the other formulas.
I know I sometimes feel the need to explain why I occasionally use formula also and am glad I am not "stoned" for using it.
Have you looked at the Weston A Price foundation for their homemeade formulas?

In the past, when I have used formula, I always added digestive enzymes and DHA to the powder. The other thing, is I have noticed a much higher incidence of constipation with the powder. When I did daycare, the weeks old little girl I watched was constantly bound up, and my 2nd DD was the same way

I haven't ever had supply issues, just the misfortune of being uninformed and having a formula-pushing ped.

I do know, that if I truly neede to supplement, I would use the raw milk formulas on the WAP foundation, simply because pasteurized milk scares me :LOL . Plus, you can be sure about what exactly goes into it.

I am glad to see that your supply issues have been resolved, and here's hoping it stays that way!
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I'm low supply and supplement with the Horizon formula because it is easy to get. DD hated it at first but has adapted.
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