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Baby's position in utero (as felt from above)

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So I haven't felt the baby kick yet, but last night as I was laying in bed, I was feeling around on my stomach/uterus, and I felt a fairly large bump on one side! Normally it's just consistently hard all the way across, but this time it was bumpy on one side and soft and flat on the other! Then as I was feeling, the bump moved back to the middle. Was this the baby?

Anyone else experience this?
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That's so cool! I think it was definitely the baby.
Cool! And yep - very possibly babe!
I don't rememberfeeling that early on, but DEFINATELY that's what you'll feel later - and you'll SEE it too!
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you know i had a very similar experience, i wasn't sure if it was the baby, but i thought so especially since the bump was small and it moved!!! how awesome!!!!
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