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Baby's Position Question

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I am 32 weeks pregnant.

Lately, I've been feeling my baby kick me around my belly button. I'm confused. Aren't babies supposed to be facing inward or do they face outward? When are they supposed to flip around to vertex?

It's my first pregnancy and I am a little concerned.

Thanks in advance.
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I am almost 31 weeks and my baby is facing forward too. It is completely normal at this point. Many times the baby won't turn until really close to birth. You have nothing to worry about at this point. Relax.
Mine is still moving around a bit and probably will for several weeks. Check out
Mine is obviously facing out as well but then there are times when she flips in and I don't feel the kicks so much. THere's plenty of time for them to keep moving. They are only around three pounds now so they still can move.

Yep, mine is posterior the majority of the time still too, but starting slowly to switch to anterior on a more frequent basis. I think we'll be fine by birth. Same thing with breech vs. vertex and transverse. There are still a few times where I will wake up and babe has turned vertex or even breech, but MOST of the time (and all of the last 3-4 days) s/he stays head down. They'll find the right position, usually. Someone either in here or in the April DDC quoted a stat recently that 96% of babies turn on their own before birth... or something like that.
I'm horrible at telling which body part is which, but I think that he is head down with feet to my right most of the time (I think I have bruises inside to prove it). Sometimes he seems to rotate partially forward and I get a few smaller movements down low and sometimes it feels like he goes into a more transverse position, though still has his head mostly angling down, kind of a diagonal position. Really the only thing I know for sure is that there is at least one foot on my right upper side and nothing poky down low. My last 2 liked to grab or punch at my cervix (OUCH!) and this one has only done that once.
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