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I second (or is it third) the vote for ASL. ASL is a beautiful language. My understanding is that babysigns are based on sign language, but are also made up of gestures. With ASL, you can continue past a baby stage and use it to teach this whole other language (sign) to your child. Sign language is used as a second language by several people in my family and it has been very handy to have my kids be able to communicate (pre and post verbally) with these other adults. I find it much more versatile than babysigns.

ASL is not hard. Very easy for children to use. Normal first words include "more", "milk", "eat". Then they can move into "Mommy", "Daddy", "cracker", "cookie", and so many more. I have enjoyed getting nursery rhyme books that included sign language and reading/signing to my kids.

Anyway, I vote for ASL.
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