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Hi there,
I suppose I should introduce myself first...
I am Jen, Mama to Kylie-3 and Jaden 10 months.
I have been a longtime lurker at MDC, and just recently started posting more.

My question is, I was wondering if anyone here had been involved or is involved in a successful babysitting co-op.

A small group of us from my LLL group had met today for playgroup and the idea was tossed around.

Do you have any tips on how to start? or any online resources?

Anything you can offer would be appreciated.


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I exchange babysitting favors with just one friend right now, but I belong to a local AP group and I trust every one of them if I ever needed to call them in an emergency to watch my toddler.

With my one friend basically, barring any illness or special events, we alternate weekends babysitting each other's dd's. The two girls get along quite well. No money is exchanged and it's understood that the visiting child will be fed meals along with the other child whose home it is.

I think it would get too complicated to invoved too many people.
I feel comfortable having dd be the only child who is being watched at a time. I would not feel comfortable with one mom having to watch 5 kids or whatever, which is how some co-ops work.

Some things I would suggest

--print out and sign a waiver with the babysitter that you give your permission for the (named) person to authorize any medical treatment in case of emergency. Be sure to include the child's insurance card with the waiver.

-- talk about food allergies and restrictions with the person you are leaving your child with

-- talk about discipline including several scenerios and what you would like them to do. Observe them with their child over a length of time to make sure they align themselves with your style of discipline and remain calm in stressful situations, etc.

-- get or borrow a cell phone when going out so they can call you if they need to

-- if your child is uncomfortable don't leave him/her there. The first few times you might want to stay for an hour or until your child is having a good time, then go away for about 30 min. and come back. My dd doesn't even say goodbye or ask for me anymore! Just gets right into playing and could care less that I am leaving. That's how I know that she's happy there.

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