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We are moving cross country (from Wisconsin to Georgia) and I really want to find a few kids to babysit during the day or at night(if at night my house..). Not really a set schedule more like when a mom has a Drs Appointment or just needs someone to watch the kids while she runs errands or if she has a new baby and needs someone a few days a week. Any ideas on how to go about this? Should I contact a local moms group and just let the "leader" know? I have a few references and I have a degree in early childhood. I have no children of my own yet. I would go to their home during the day not mine, but if they want me to sit at night I prefer being in my own home. I have lots of books, toys ect from being a preschool teacher. I also LOVE art with toddlers/preschoolers and would really want to do lots of art things with the kids, not sit them in front of a tv
If I went to their home I'm just I would bring a box with activites for us to do. Tell me your thoughts/advice.
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I have a portfolio with all my preschool stuff to, reports and work I’ve done, classes I took, projects I’ve done. I'm just worried about how I will find "normal" families that need a sitter, and will they trust me? I have references. Maybe I'm just paranoid? I can't imagine having kids and having someone watch them that I don't know.
What part of Georgia are you moving to? I live around here, so maybe I could offer suggestions depending on where you will be.
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You could post at a Y, gym, college bulletin board, laundrymat, grocerystore, etc...
Yeah I suppose I will try that. My city I currently live in I wouldnt imagine doing that.. alot of the families would probably not pay me or would be late, rude, oh the list goes on and on..

I guess I will work on typing something up and hopefully I can get some help reviewing it once I'm done. We are waitting to hear back monday from one place in Lawrenceville, and then hubby has a interview monday night with another company in marritta. I really can't wait to get out of this city. I don't feel safe here- at all.
Will you be moving to a large area? I would put an ad on Craigslist if so. Thats what i did and I was able to specify exactly what i wanted in my childcare situation.
Good luck with your babysitting search! I just wanted to comment on the part about babysitting at night and wanting to be at your own home.

I know I would not be interested in that arrangement, because my DDs have a special bedtime routine and bed time. It would be such a pain having them fall asleep at someone else's home and then try to get them in their carseats (without waking them up) to drive them home, get them back out (without waking them up) and get them into their own beds. See what I mean?

Just something for you to consider about watching smaller children at night, even older than mine, I'd bet. (Mine are 3.5 years and 14 months). I think, in general, children usually really need their own home in the evening, their little routines and rituals, their bath in their own tub, their bed and music and stories and stuffed animals, etc.

Just my two cents!

Again, I wish you lots of luck! I hope it goes well.
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