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Babywearing for mom with physical limitations

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I'm posting for my friend, who is about to have baby #2 next week. She has CP and is limited physically with what she can do with babywearing but needs some way to handle a newborn and 3 yr old and wants to use some kind of carrier.

She has use of her left hand but limited use of her right hand, and her gait is off balance. So a sling or one-shouldered carrier would not work- it is too lopsided (and she tried one without success with the first baby)- she needs something that distributes the weight on both sides. We looked at my ergo carrier today but she wouldn't be able to hold the baby on her back while she adjusts it, and she wouldn't be able to do the upper buckle if she used it on the front (that is hard enough for me to do and I am able to use both hands!).

I'm not an expert in all the different carriers so I told her I'd ask around and see if there is anything fairly easy to use. Thanks!
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For a new baby... I think a Moby would be easy. (or any stretchy wrap for that matter)

She could pre-tie the wrap in a Front Wrap Cross Carry and then just pop baby in and out as she pleases.

Is she wanting something that she can use on her back exclusively? The Moby isn't very good for back carries, IMO. I'm thinking maybe some sort of Mei Tai or an Onbuhimo? I'm just really not sure, though.
Would she be able to criss cross the fabric and then pull it around? If not, she may be limited to something that you simply put on and put baby in. The only thing I can think of is maybe a bjorn, which I normally would not recommend, but in her case it may be the only option.
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