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Okay embarrassing confession... my DS is addicted to Blue's Clues
:. It's the only tv he likes at all! Every night when he starts to wind down, he hands me the remote, says "Boo Coo", and does his babysign for it. I Tivo it for him during the day, when we have more interesting things to do.

So, we were watchign one tonight called "nurture." It's an old one with Steve. Part of it had to do with Steve and Blue learning how to take care of Paprika (the baby). At the end, Mr. Salt came to thank Steve - and he was wearing the baby in a backpack.

There's also been an episode of Sesame Street that I saw a few minutes of a few weeks ago - in this one, Grover is talking about Africa, and then they flash to a story about Africa. These women are all wearing their babies in beautiful slings tied to their waists!

I think it's neat that babies are being shown worn on tv!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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