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Bach's rescue remedy

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Gimme some info about Bach's rescue remedy

I've never tried it, but after reading so many great things I'm thinking of getting some. Does it work for you? What do you use it for? Is it for internal use only or can it be applied to problem areas?

Do you like any of the other flower essences?

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Love the Bach flowers~ I use them all the time (in fact I have some in my water now!) I use RR for all kinds of things...falls, bumps, in labor, topically on insect bites and cuts, for plants, animals etc. They all work very well, but until you are familiar with them RR is definitely the place to start.
I read lots of great things about RR and other Bach flower products and bought some without reading the labels ... got home and realized that the carrier for the remedy is alcohol, and with a family history of alcoholism on both sides, dh and I are really uncomfortable using them. I wonder if anyone shares that concern? And if so, do you still use the remedy?
You are only taking two tiny drops at a time...but if you are really uncomfortable with it then you can put it in hot tea to burn off the alcohol or use them in a bath and let them soak in through your skin. I put two drops in 16 ounces of really can't even tell they are in there.
oh - I like the bathwater idea! that wouldn't conflict with our desire and need to be an alcohol free family. Thanks!
How does Bach's work in so many different ways? If it works fine neat under the tongue or applied directly to skin, wouldn't it get diluted in drinking or bath water?

No, it's like homeopathy. You are just getting the essence of the flower, not any physical properties per se. It's a vibrational medicine.

Originally Posted by firefaery
No, it's like homeopathy. You are just getting the essence of the flower, not any physical properties per se. It's a vibrational medicine.
but it's also not like homeopathy as there is nothing it conflicts with (mint, coffee) and you can use it at any dilution and it won't negate itself (like homeopathy) so you can put the 2 drops under your tongue, or the drops in a giant bottle of water (or coffee), or your bath, and the result is the same.
I wanted to add that the RR in the spray bottle is GREAT. it's much less breakable than the bottles (I've broken so many, they snap right at the neck).

I use the RR for the whole family, even our cat and dog.
I've also been really successful using a combination of the other flower essences to eliminate dd's night terrors.

There is a great book The Bach Flower Remedies, revised ed by Edward Bach, and F.J. Wheeler. It has a section with a giant list of moods and the essences associated with them.
here's a link

if i remember there is a whole tutorial there about how they work. haven't used any myself but want to try it.
Actually that's a misconception about and mint do not affect remedies. And bach flowers are considered to be homeopathic, they just don't have multiple strengths.
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