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Back carriers-baby's leg position has me concerned

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OK so I see that all of the back carriers are very popular and I really need to get one but the amount of waist I have would make my son's legs splay out really badly if I wore him in a back a carrier.

I recall reading when i had my dd 4 years ago that slings were so much better than snugglis cause baby's legs weren't being splayed out and so how is the back carrying positions any different from a snuggi splaying the bay's legs out? I am not a thin person by any means and therefore my baby's legs have to be spread alot to fit around my waist. Is this not a problem? Help! Ds is 25lbs, 9 months and I need to wear him on my back. He is killin' me in the sling!
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Alright, more experienced babywearers, correct me if I'm wrong...

I think you misread the previous info. Snugglis let the babies' legs just dangle, putting all the weight on the crotch/pubic bone. In a back carry w/ mei tais and wraps the legs and butt are both supported in a seated position, thus allowing for proper blood flow and joint movement.
See how your ds sits on the floor? That's a very similar postition to how he will be in a back carry. I really need to practice getting dd on my back w/ my wrap b/c so many mamas say it's the most comfortable....

Good luck!
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Right, the problem is not with the legs being apart, it's with the weight all being held by a narrow crotch piece with no hi and pelvic support. In a correct back carry, the baby's legs will be up at the wearer's waist and supported all the way to the back of the knee in a sitting position.
Ah- Ha! Ok, well then I guess I don't need to worry... I swore I read that about the legs being splayed out...I have heard that the crotch bearing all of the weight is not good and is a problem with carriers like snugglis too...

I guess splaying the legs out is not different from doing splits and straddles right? OK I am just a paranoid mama! :LOL

Now I need to decide on one! ugh! decisions decisions!

thanks for your help!
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