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Back from the dentist

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: Ugh! So, long story short - the dentist thought she would be able to fill my tooth, but once she got in there, she realized that she had to go all the way to the nerve. I'm going to need a root canal, but can't have one right now. She basically gave me 1/3 of a root canal - a quick fix that will last a couple of weeks and hopefully get me through delivery. I have to go back on September 2 to get the rest of the root canal. My body does this weird thing with pain medication where most of them just don't work very well - so the dentist wasn't able to get me all the way numb. Ouch, ouch, ouch. All my patience about waiting for the baby's timing has just gone out the window. I'm pretty willing to try just about anything natural. I had given up sex because it was painful, but it's not as painful as a toothache, so that's back on the table! I just feel really crappy right now.
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Not in your birth club

Question for you. Do you feel comfortable having a root canel?
Awww ColoradoMama! I feel for you! I hate the dentist more than anything!
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So sorry to hear that! the only thing worse than going to the dentist is having to go BACK b/c the job isn't done! At least now you can relax and have your baby knowing you can't do anything else.
aw, Colorado, sorry about your dentist woes!

only a few more weeks, you can make it through! we'll be here to sympathize with you any time you need, feel free to vent at will!

Hopefully baby will come soon!

Yikes! That sounds awful. I'm sorry you're going through this.

FYI (and it may be TMI) I went into labor the morning after pleasing my husband orally
. . . someone posted an article a week or two ago that said taking semen orally was more effective at getting labor going than sex (though it does supposedly help soften the cervix). I would swear a man came up with that theory, and was telling DH about it right before doing it. Lo and behold the next day I went into labor. Not long after Cael was born, DH leaned over to me and said, "Hey, maybe that really is true!"

I did read quite a while ago that eating black licorice (the real stuff made with aniseed oil and/or licorice extract) can help you go into labor sooner. There was a study done in Finland or Sweden where licorice is big and the women who were eating licorice went into labor sooner than those who weren't (not premie soon, but sooner than 40 weeks most of the time). I've been eating licorice all along, so maybe that helped me too. (I was 39w1d when Cael was born.)

Good luck! I hope you go into labor soon!!
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Thanks all. My tooth is feeling much better. At least I don't have that horrible, throbbing pain. As long as I don't bite down on that tooth, it's okay. Yea, dh has reminded me about the oral thing. The problem is that just brushing my teeth has caused me to gag and vomit a few times. I honestly don't think I could get through the deed right now! We'll see how desperate I get! Licorice might be worth a try!
Oh no... so sorry to hear about the dentis ordeal... hope you're hanging in there!
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