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back from the hospital....

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my BP was normal. and they did a catheter to get a clean catch of urine and guess what? No protein in the urine at all!

the tracing on the baby was perfect. the nurse explained that they want to see two spikes on the tracing every 20 mins. something about oxygenation. ours had at least 5. they said the baby looks totally fine in there.

soooo, for now the plan for the sunday induction is still on....which feels kind of bizarre. I dont know what to think. Part of me thinks its dumb to induce if I don't *need* it, but I also don't think there is nothing going on. My OB also thinks something is brewing under the surface but just hasn't totally reared its ugly head yet.

also, I had some interesting insights arise today. I was reading about birth and how contractions are from the smooth muscle innervated by the autonomic nervous system. it struck me, because as someone with mitral valve prolapse, my ANS is all f'ed up. I googled it and found a message board of other women with dysautonomia as well that all ended up with inductions because their cervix never dilated on its own, etc. simply speculation, but maybe this is my issue?? with DD I was 6 days overdue with PIH and cervix was totally hard and closed... anyhow, it seems EVERYTHING with PIH is speculation anyways....

so for now, induction sunday. I'm gonna think this over for a few days and see how it sits with my intuition.

the good news is that I was contracting at the hospital which is something new. nothing hard or regular, but definetly something going on.

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That's great news, Beth. Sorry you still have to go through induction, but maybe your contraction will pick up until then despite all odds.
whatever way to get a healthy baby
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Hmmm. Interesting. I'm hoping those contractions keep coming and you go naturally before Sunday!! Either way, I'm still thinking of you and hoping it goes well.
Definitely bizarre! I'm glad you have a few more days before having to go in again.
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