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I posted earlier this evening that I was having a lot of BH. After I posted that, I started having spotty back pain. It would come about once every half an hour or so. It is only on my right side, about the size of my hand spread out (maybe a little larger) and will ache (strong aches, but not sharp stabbing pain) for about 15 minutes. Pressure seems to help relieve it as does relaxation and deep breathing.

The pain goes down into my hip/pelvic bone an above my pelvic bone about 3 inches or so.

Is this something I need to be concerned about? I am about 27-28 weeks along and this is my 2nd pg. My pg with dd had nothing like this. I did have BH early with her, but no back pain, or tons of BH like this time. It is kind of scary...
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