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Back to bed wetting

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My DD started potty training around 2 1/2, after months of waking up with a dry diaper. She was doing great, and I thought we may have moved close to the end of diapers. Then DS arrives on the scene and we moved to a new house, new routine, new friends, etc. After reading that toddlers often regress with big changes in life, I wasn't suprised when she started wetting the bed at night. But that was almost a year ago!

One morning I asked her why she chose to go in her bedtime britches instead of going on the toilet, and she casually said,"Because it's easier." Well, that conversation took place a good six months ago, maybe more, and I think we've gone from it being a conscience effort to habbit, and maybe out of control.

So, for the last week, I tried untraining out of that habbit. Making double sure to have her go right before bed, and cutting out any bedtime drinks. I'm still drowning in wet bedding and wondering if this is the best approach.

Any suggestions?
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