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Back to hitting the pavement!

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This is purely a vent. Left my temp job today. I spent 2 mos in this temp job I loved. They ended up offering me 2 more mos in the same company but a different dept. I took it and trained all this week. I'm great at computers and have never had a problem or challenge at any job, but this one. It was this completely weird computer program with no rhyme or reason.
I felt barely understood the purpose of my job to make matters worse. Finally today, I broke down in tears
and told them how badly I was feeling about the position.
: So they were understanding and it's so complex, they're not even going to look for someone else. I'm so upset now. I don't want to feel broke! Plus, DS's bday
is on Sunday and I want to concentrate on that and I can't! To make matters worse, I had an offer for an interview (another temp job) last week and I turned down in anticipation of the job I just left! (insert sign for kicking one's own ass!)
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You'll work it out cheyenne, us women have amazing survival instincts during hard times

Good Luck with the job hunting
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