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Back to singlehood

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My partner is gone and now I'm back feeling lonely. I miss having a partner already. I'm not a very social person and I don't really enjoy the company of other mothers much in the playgroups. Maybe because I'm not very chatty. I like to have a partner, a companion, someone to hug. It's not really for the the sex, I don't think I'm going to have sex again. It's having someone around who I can share things, other than my child. And my child needs a good male role model as well. It's not the "children need a father thing", it's more children needing to learn good examples from a friendly mature male adult. My ex partner didn't want my child at all. I wanted a partner who loves my child too. Wishing...
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I understand your feeling of wanting someone to hug, cuddle, and have conversations, etc. with. I feel that too from time to time.

I also feel lonely at times. However, I realize that it is something I can choose at anytime. The point when I felt the most lonely was when I was married. When I feel that way, I try to call a girlfriend, cuddle my kids a little closer or pick up a movie or something to help me move through it.

I believe I will have someone in my life the meantime, I enjoy my kids & the time I have spent getting to know more about myself.
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