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My heart is heavy. Ever since I can remember I've been dreaming about being a parent. Of the millions of things I've read, attachment parenting seems the most beautiful,natural spoke to me, plus the research of outcomes is awesome. Anyway, we had a beautiful natural birth experience, even though Joey was 5 weeks things seem off. He is perfectly healthy though but I've just been going crazy. He got nipple confused because he had to be supplemented I'm exclusively pumping but desperately want to BF him and he can now. I go back to work PT so he will still need the bottle PT but how can I go back to BF the other times, what is a good schedule for relearning this etc. Also, how can I find attachment parenting groups in my area..Citrus Heights,Ca. My heart yearns to continue this special parenting way, yet I need support. Thanks!!

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Hi. Welcome to the boards. I'm fairly new here but it's great to have a place to find like-minded mamas.

Some of your questions might be better answered/discovered on the breastfeeding and parenting issues forums. I think the moderators can help with this if your post needs to be moved to be better seen.

For my 2 cents worth:
First of all, good for you to keep pumping and still giving your baby your precious breastmilk. You are an awesome mama for doing this!

Have you been seeing a lactation specialist? If not, can you find one who can help you with the nipple confusion issues? Also, try La Leche League - they are just about everywhere and can be found on Hopefully you'll be able to find a group close to you.

Also, there is a website for Attachment Parenting International which has links to local groups. It should at least give you a place to start.

Also, maybe there are other MDC mamas in your area who meet up in person and are open to new people.

Congrats on your new baby. I hope this helps you a little bit.

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Like a pp said, you are doing great! It's soooo hard to relax with all the changes and the overwellming beauty and fragility of your first baby. But, talk with the mamas here- they know SO much! And, take some time to some light!
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You are doing great and will find so much support on this board....

Blessings to you,
Welcome to MDC!
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